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  1. Is the camera on the P20 Pro on the proper side for Pro1?
  2. I see, so the recommended cases are the ones from Huawei P20 Pro then.
  3. I find that one case for Huawei P30 Pro sort of fits. I guess other cases for P30 Pro should fit too. Though you may have to customise the cutouts yourself to access ports, buttons and fingerprint reader. Back camera cutout is just fine.
  4. Could we have a slider setting entry to optionally lock the phone when closing it?
  5. Thanks for the info. Though I guess I won't bother switching between chargers.
  6. I tried it years ago when first switching to Android. Was not convinced back then. Thanks for the reminder though, I will give it a try.
  7. I guess I'll have to give gmail a try then. Hoping it supports proper sync and remote wipe with my exchange server. I tried Microsoft Outlook on my LG the other day but it does not support two way syncs stupidly enough.
  8. To be honest I rather have proper customisable global shortcuts working one way or another. Those looks like they are hardcoded which sounds silly. However having default working ones out of the box is probably the way to go.
  9. Such an app typically also provides functionalities like remote wipe so it needs to come from a trusted source too. Does gmail even provide remote wipe?
  10. Just did my first full battery charge of the Pro1 and it was really fast. Rather than using the provided charger I used my Huawei Super Charger and it felt like it was charging just as fast as my Huawei P30 Pro. I'm a happy customer 😁
  11. Right, I'm with you on that no bloat-ware stance. However, I'm pretty sure not so long ago stock Android had a default app that's not gmail doing email, contact and calendar sync.
  12. I see. That's just a home screen feature then. That's a bit odd seeing how it looks like Android has those built-in shortcuts shown in the settings but no magnifying glass on that keyboard to use them.
  13. I understand you can launch/switch apps using keyboard shortcuts. I found the physical keyboard settings entry where they show the shortcuts but I still have to understand how to use them. I think my keyboard is missing that magnifying glass key 😁 Then again it took me like an hour to notice that Sym key that does not seem to be doing anything. πŸ€” I'll blame my old age for being so thick 😁
  14. Do we know if and when Android 10 will come to Pro1? Coming from Huawei P30 Pro I'm notably missing the swipe from the edge to go back feature.
  15. Is there no functioning dark mode on Pro1? Actually there is a Display Theme option but it has no influence on the Settings app itself. It remains white.
  16. Looks like there is no default email app outside gmail on pro one. Huawei P30 Pro does have a really good email app for instance. Though I've had the same problem on that LG G8X ThinQ, no standard email app there either. I'm usually using that default email app to sync contacts, calendars and email from a private Microsoft Exchange server. I do have a gmail account but I'm not using it. Is there no stock email app on Android anymore?
  17. I just got my Pro1 from HK today. Got FedEx shipping notification on Wednesday saying it should be there on Monday but it was there by Friday already. That was a shipment to Germany outside Frankfurt. I'm still ok but then again it's 5 days incubation 😁 The phone itself is just awesome. Thanks FxTec!
  18. Sounds good, looks like I'm getting QWERTY then. I guess I won't bother them with an email.
  19. New AZERTY layout proposal - that's the one we want: Yellow prints on common letter keys are accessed using Alt Gr, other yellow prints are accessed using Shifts. http://www.keyboard-layout-editor.com/#/gists/9aa155b55485e01a823b8ccd04d00fe7 Original AZERTY layout proposal - we don't want this one anymore: http://www.keyboard-layout-editor.com/#/gists/84c7007c45445b002871e157fdab8cb4 Here is the corresponding QWERTY US layout proposal: http://www.keyboard-layout-editor.com#/gists/c8cd79243e2f4470b949991786952262
  20. I've pre-ordered back in February and since paid the invoice. There was no option to select QWERTY or QWERTZ. I'm concerned I'm going to get QWERTZ since mine is shipping to Germany. Ideally I would like to get AZERTY, however since this is not happening I would settle for QWERTY.
  21. Surely DUAL SIM support is baked in stock Android. I doubt fxtec has the resources to implement that themselves.
  22. > Are You pretty sure, that Your case was a genuine Nokia product? Pretty sure, it was good though until that bit broke. Nevertheless it feels cheap next to the PDair all leather case but its low profile was definitely a plus.
  23. I too was a flat screen purist until I saw a Samsung S7 Edge and decided to get one for myself, which I'm still using. I think it brings just the right amount of bling without getting in the way. Though the fact that you may have to push directly on the screen, to open and close it, is a genuine usability and solidity concern. I would just be happy with a flat screen as long as it is AMOLED. However I'm guessing the panel they are using for the Pro1 is just off-the-shelf standard component these days. It could be that a similar flat screen would be more expensive and harder to source.
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