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Pro1 Known Bugs [Updated 19 Nov 2019]

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On 11/18/2019 at 11:11 AM, Waxberry said:

There is a know "bug": Under desktop, long press a key will launch app shortcut (quick launch apps) but short type will go to google search.

However every time Google search is launched this way, the cursor will return to the left after user typed the first letter.

This is the bug from Google Search app, unfortunately we have nothing to do with it.

What we have considered is to have search for drawer when type under desktop, instead of launching Google Search.

Related to this. A problem occurs when you assign a key to launch an app and the app opens ready for input.  So I assign a key to my password locker and I end up with the password field filled with multiple instances of that letter.  I open my word processor and I end up with that letter typed multiple times into whatever document, blank or otherwise, was set to open.  Somehow, the software needs to stop reading the input if the key is held. I don't know how tricky that is, but I can't use this feature while this problem exists.

If there isn't a workaround that I haven't figured out, I will likely go back to Nova which I have used for years.

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