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  1. I had a good experience video chatting with my brother yesterday over fb messenger. No sync problems, audio and video worked well. So it does look like call quality is rather inconsistent, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's awful. Next time I get issues with fb messenger video call I'll try rebooting to see if that helps.
  2. You guys are comparing Sailfish with Android, behaviour is obviously going to be different. Most those audio issues are certainly just about software and driver adjustments.
  3. Have not look into it myself but my understanding is that it is a known issue that's already being worked on.
  4. Exactly my feeling. However using it daily I've been frustrated with poor call and video call quality issues. Hope they can improve on that.
  5. Look for SwiftKey. It works better when using a case like Snakehive for Huawei P20 Pro. Just go to your home screen one way or another and hold down the shortcut key you assigned until your launches. Using SwiftKey may force you to switch to Key Mapper instead.
  6. Slion


    That's a no brainer using: https://github.com/sds100/KeyMapper Though you will have to use the Fn key which is a proper modifier rather than the Fx key which is in fact mapped to Home.
  7. I've that same issue too. Though at times it is good for some reason. Audio on Facebook messenger can be really bad too. At times there is also a major video and audio sync issue. Will have to hope they can fix those issues in software.
  8. That does help indeed, so there is hope for a software fix. Though that will not solve the sync issue.
  9. That's also my experience. Speakerphone I mostly used with FB messenger for video calls and so far audio and video quality makes Pro1 barely useable for that purpose. Though occasionally it works acceptably, it's inconsistent enough to be off putting. There is also some nasty video/audio sync issues when video calling with FB messenger. Sometimes it looks like the audio is lagging two seconds behind the video. My workaround so far is to switch back to my trusty Huawei P30 Pro. However I have good hope this could be fixed by improving Pro1 drivers. Trouble is I wonder if FxTec has the
  10. Another video call with poor audio input quality. Had to switch to P30 Pro mid call 😞
  11. I'm sure you could get a kit to assemble yourself 😁 Feeling for you guys who are still waiting for it. Hang in there, it is worth the wait.
  12. I was never in the BB team being a Nokia Communicator user long before they became a thing. Still as I was starved from physical keyboard smartphones I remember considering those Android BBs when they came out and decided not to, square screen and fixed keyboards are just not for me. Still too bad they stop doing it.
  13. Just had a great experience with a video call through facebook messenger. Even got wows about the front camera wide angle and quality being so cool. Audio was working fine too.
  14. The way it worked with my Huawei P30 Pro was just fine for me. You just select the SIM once for a contact and it sticks, both for SMS and Call. I still need to confirm it but it looks like it works the same on Pro1.
  15. Another phone call, same issue, this time more pronounced and even getting in the way of hearing what the other person was saying. Only time will tell but I'm genuinely concerned this will turn out to be my main issue with this hardware.
  16. My original report was based on my experience with hands 🙂 Though I've had problem with people hearing me when using hands free with video call over messenger too. I just had another phone call, same place, same SIM and the person on the other side was hearing me just fine so it does not look like there in something inherently bad with audio input. However radio distortion in built-in handset speaker during call is very real. You can still hear people but it's annoying. That most certainly is a hardware issue. We can only hope they can fix it in the next hardware revision. It's t
  17. So you did do some research and now believe it could have been sexist at some point but is not anymore. What's pretty clear to me is that it's a word used by a lot of people, hopefully in good faith, not realising where it comes from. Sorry that you feel that way. It's just that this is wildly off topic on that forum and thread. On top of that, I don't come here to try and save the world from rampant sexism and I have no doubt that if I did, I would fail at it, miserably. 😁 Let's agree to disagree, that's just fine, truly. 🙂
  18. It was still audible albeit poor quality. It would make sense and confirm the GSM radio is disturbing audio output during call if you get no such disruption over WiFi. To be honest my main problem was about the other hand not hearing me well enough. Could just have been bad luck though.
  19. Is anyone else experiencing poor call audio quality both over network and facebook messenger? It looks like the Pro1 handset audio is being distorted by the network radio resulting in poor audio output during call. On top of that I keep having people complaining they can't ear me very well, meaning audio input is also poor. Was jut trying to have a discussion with someone and I had to call back with my Huawei P30 Pro which worked perfectly fine, same place same SIM card, same network 😞 Can't say I'm surprised since that's really tricky to get it right even for large and experie
  20. Actually it's rampant sexism embedded in the English language as far as I can tell. Do a bit of research and hopefully you'll see it for what it is. If you don't, fine I don't wish to expand on that here 🙂
  21. Did you try peeling it off? 😁
  22. Both my 4G SIM cards are working fine after setting up APNs manually: France - Sosh/Orange Germany - 1&1/O2 Actually it seems that all that was needed was for me to select the APNs. They are defined automatically but not selected for some reason.
  23. Slion


    You can't use single key. You have to use a modifier that goes with.
  24. Slion


    That would explain it. Is FxTec working on that already?
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