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  1. Sure, I was just trying to figure out a way to implement that without having to wait for OTA update. I guess I'll just wait until FxTec enables it. Thanks for the video, I just installed a magnet in my case. Have to wait for FxTec now 🙂
  2. I tried that too using a custom keyboard layout, no joy with the stock launcher. Maybe other launchers can handle that.
  3. Though I wonder how reliable that method will be depending on where you live on the planet.
  4. I'm not sure how to access the Hall sensors directly but looking at how the magnetic field sensor reacts to opening and closing my Snakehive case it sounds like it should be fairly easy to tell if the case is closed.
  5. I'm considering remapping the FxTec key to a modifier so that it could be used with Key Mapper to launch any application. Using hard coded key combinations to launch default applications like what was done with Fn + Space to launch web browser could be great too.
  6. I'm thinking of jumping in the AnySoftKeyboard code base to had that feature there too.
  7. Those could easily be integrated back in FinQwerty.
  8. My main problem with FinQwerty was that you need to use one modifier to access the yellow prints on some keys and another to access the same yellow prints on other keys. That somehow screwed with my brains 😁
  9. They need to make this work like the power button. That would be awesome.
  10. Mostly. I'm thinking the difference is only with hidden characters, the ones you access through Fn or shift modifiers. Fx Qwerty emphasis is on WYSIWYG so all printed characters are accessed as with stock layout. I could add US QWERTY, though if you don't usually use hidden characters it won't make any difference.
  11. I just published what's basically a modified variant of FinQwerty called Fx Qwerty with focus on Pro1 usability.
  12. Here are some useful info about spell checker on Android: https://android.stackexchange.com/a/60991/315377 Does anyone have spell checker working on Pro1?
  13. Android auto works just fine here but my car setup is much simplier than yours. Mostly just connecting to car audio output over bluetooth.
  14. Spell checker is actually an android global service much like virtual keyboard or launcher. By default it is set to Google Spell Checker. I tried using another service but same result: empty popup. Looks very much like a Pro1 issue cause I could not find anything like that online. Would be nice to get FxTec to investigate.
  15. New version same as above plus: Alt + Space: brings up android character picker dialog which is rather useless as it is Fn + Space: launch default browser Shift + Space: launch search application Fn + Tab: Opens up app switcher Sym: Launches google assistant It looks like for whatever reason the sym modifier is really not working as a normal modifier. Same with meta_left which is now mapped to Sym but in fact just launches google assistant, go figure. finqwerty-debug.apk
  16. Attached is a modified version of FinQwerty adding two new US international layouts for Qwerty keyboards. They are prefixed "Alpha Slion" so that they show on top of that long list of layouts. They are more WYSIWYG than the original layouts from FinQwerty cause they use the Fn key to actually output keys yellow prints instead of the Alt key. Sym key is left as Sym modifier. Alt+Left: back Alt+Right: forward Alt+Down: Power (lock or wakeup) Alt+Up: F6 (which turns the keyboard backlight on somehow) Alt+ 1 to = : F1 to F12 The original FinQwerty US international QWERTY la
  17. I'm a Symbian fan, having worked for them in London in 2002, but calling any Symbian phone more functional than Pro1 is a bit of an overstatement 😁🤣 just a bit.
  18. What is? Actually I find Android pretty awesome in respect to key mapping cause it allows us to customise it the way we want without having to wait for FxTec to integrate changes.
  19. Interesting, I only tried it in Chrome and I assumed it worked system wide, it's possibly not the case then and just a Chrome feature. Looking into FinQwerty mapping it only modifies DPAD using Fn. So that Alt behaviour is very likely Chrome specific ATM.
  20. With FinQwerty 1.5.4 and Qwerty US international layout that actually goes to Launcher/Home screen, so same as the FxTec key for me. Alt+arrows does back and previous which is consistent with what you often get on laptop's keyboards.
  21. Only played Another World so far. Keyboard support is not that great but good enough to make it a little more playable.
  22. Thanks for the link. Using that Sensors Test application it looks like our light sensor is just left of the ear piece speaker.
  23. Does anyone know where is the light sensor located on Pro1?
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