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  1. I really loved those flick-switches on E7, also on the other side for volume. easily and precisely accessible, very handy with the hold-for-torch function, no accidental activation. Just had to be careful about them at reassembly. I would definitely support a rebirth of these.
  2. looks quite fancy @epninety! What somehow bothers me about sleeves, also the official Fxtec one, apart from the protection being only temporary, is that I always press the power button while slipping it in.
  3. Right lower corner is completely silent, there's a bit of clattering around the rest of the screen, but nothing I would have considered disturbing. shaking the whole device also gives the slightest noise from volume and power switches.
  4. Questions, bug reports, experience and help for those sailing the Pro1.. in order to keep the main thread consolidated and clear for installation instructions.
  5. Couldn't withstand it any more - Pro1 running SFOS! 😄😍 feels like. .
  6. justified objection. (and of course I meant left fingers) sticky alt might also help
  7. I found that one quite acceptable with right index+middle finger. Using the thumb for support for freehand.
  8. This one would be the perfect device for a lawyer. Legal sections are more important than numbers 😉
  9. I guess since the Pro1 is still to be considered a rare and much sought-after good, prices will not go down quickly (or at all), and just a few weeks after first deliveries (and just days into next batch) they're practically mint and not on the used market (except maybe some broken screens @divstar) Much rather higher collector's prices are to be paid. Not long ago there were offers for 2000$...
  10. Happy birthday @sequestris! Why Kitty or unicorn, just have both 🙂 The only other unicorn that quickly comes to my mind is The Unicorn in The Garden Let's just hope that we've got a real business unicorn in fxtec! (enough unicorns in that post?)
  11. Just received mine four days earlier than estimated - finally! Anyway, it might still have to wait, maybe even a few weeks further as it doesn't really matter that much , I just don't have much time and even less mind capacity to spare at the moment, and since I'd like to give a try at Sailfish right away...
  12. I only know "Battery Buddy" or "Battery notifier", but they can't interrupt charging process, only throw a notification to remind the user to unplug. and there's "Charger control", but I don't really know that one. Maybe you'd also like to have a look at the relevant discussion
  13. @EskeRahn so sorry to read that, deep compassion and heartfelt condolences from one BBS-fan to another.
  14. Great to see issues are quickly taken care of, and the Pro1 step by step getting closer to its awesome full potential! Will the devices yet undelivered (batch 2 and further) have the update pre-installed, or are we to do it ourselves?
  15. Honestly I'd be afraid of that thing damaging the (rather delicate) headphone jack, spreading/chocking itself in, and the force of whatever attached (plus initial tension) taken partly by the SoC. 3.5mm-jacks tend to lose contact over lifetime just by plugging in and out.
  16. Upon seeing the topic title, before reading the request, I just imagined a bracelet connected to a case, using the Pro1 as a HUGE smartwatch. Another gadget to find. Kinda like the cyborg-style idea.. 🙂
  17. As soon as I get my device 🙂 I'm not in first batch, so it's gonna take some time.
  18. Fully agree with both of you. Only thing that occasionally goes into the flipcase is an emergency banknote.
  19. How about a Sailfish flashing Video? 🤔 I just keep finding that mandatory "Accept Google services" part a bit disturbing.
  20. At the very least you can be sure THIS won't happen to you with Fxtec. At least not in first batch 😉
  21. Woow, looks really neat! Is that note by Adrian and Chen hand-signed? no wonder it took them so long! 😉
  22. Ice cold psyche, more or less.. Unless somebody's around the house who is considered trespassing, that's more or less anyone. Anyway, a great pal most of the time. But yours is waaay more relaxed.
  23. @piggz, @TheKit thank you sooo much! I guess I'll just go ahead and flash it. Hope I won't damage anything being woefully inept at anything alike , but the instructions by @Waxberry seem clear enough.. In case of failure, I hope there'll be someone more competent around to help me out.
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