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  1. I'm with you guys on this, a very nice and decent approach to test the interest to know the scale of the production needed, and then not requesting the money before everything are ready for ordering. I hope it does not mean that they only produce the pre-ordered numbers, as I'm sure that when we flash the devices in real life, we will make more people interested, and I for one could consider buying one or two as a spare also, but would like to have actually had the device in my hands before ordering additional specimens. And others might feel the same way.
  2. I like that case https:TerribleKing, It is always the corners that are the weakest spots (less the glass surface of course) And a nice thing that it is slim on the middle as adding to the width of the Pro¹ in the 'holding area' could cause some users trouble holding it.
  3. On the GPS, I'm not sure about Galileo, but can't imagine that the others are not there. And if I look here it is clear that the chipset is supported, so would be very surprised if that did not work as well.
  4. I would like FM radio too. But I guess they would have mentioned both that and IR in the specs, had it been there. but of course we might be lucky that it is just an omission.
  5. Oh I'm not talking for or against rooting with the previous. I'm just saying that I hope there will be a more elegant solution not requiring rooting. In my world there is nothing wrong with rooting BUT it is a bit like working on your PC with an admin account in daily use. It is easy, but it comes with a higher risk of something going haywire if you make a mistake, or you use software with malicious side effect. So it is definitely something I think only people that 'know what they are doing', should do, not the 'average' user.
  6. Siani_B, on the first, it is clarly not a microphone I guess it depends on what functions is behind the Yellow arrow versus the Alt key to say whether one is better than the other to have doubled on both sides. And I agree that Hopefully rooting will not be needed to handle different layouts.
  7. Siani_8, what do you mean by "microphone voice command button" ? I'm pretty sure the yellow arrows are like "Fn" on many laptops, accessing the extras printed in yellow.. And I assume the "Logo F" is to launch their own suite of programs optimized for landscape.
  8. spam71, sounds reassuring. But I guess we have no way of knowing if they are doing it the same way on this all new device. And hopefully it can be done without rooting, as not all users might be comfortable rooting.
  9. +1 to val and netman, I hope the pro¹ becomes a smashing success, so they will make a Pro², And hopefully there will be enough users to sustain both a Pro²- and Pro²+ of different sizes, but identical logical specs (Like SE in he old days). I for one would prefer a compact.
  10. In my book it is well worth the price. But I have been waiting for many years, so are perhaps more eager than you.
  11. Slion, but would it not be more practical for a slider NOT to have the 'lid' part in front of the keyboard, but under the display?
  12. The Nokia CP-501 type of case is not to my taste either, but I do understand that it fits the needs of some. Frankly for a slider, it would be more clever if the 'lid' part went backwards, and had a flexible fold, like this sketch drawn on an image from engadget's hands-on. (and yes it would extent beyond the screen, but perhaps a cleverly placed magnet could help keeping it in place.) Optimally the lid part could be detachable, so the same case could be used both as full protection or the base part only. Depending of the need of the day of different users....
  13. I suggest you have a look at what people said on the E7. e.g. from 3:14 in and the next about 2 minutes. or from 2:23 in. The above was the two first searching youtube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=nokia+e7 But of course we will need reviews on the Pro¹ it self to say something on the actual device. e.g. 1:04 in you can see actual usage of a pre-production unit.
  14. Waxberry has some news on twitter on the case, see this thread..
  15. A little hard to see. Is it the back only, or also a screen protector? The pure transparent will quickly risk looking worn when scratched, so I'm for a softer material. For the BB Priv I have bought a bunch that I guess are made from PU that has been rubberised. It gives a good grip and reasonable protection. I think it is like this one. (And I have combined it with a tempered glass protector, that I have changed about every 1-2 months) SUGGESTION: Make a collaboration with someone making external QI-recievers like e.g. this one or this one (or what ever fits best), and make matching cut
  16. David and abowers, yup *LOL*. Manufacturers generally think that lesser must be combined with mediocre or worse.... :-( I usually use this link to expose the VERY limited availability. All I request is at the most 65mm wide, and at the least FHD - and get TWO, of which ONE is available outside Japan.... Pretty absurd with so little variation in all the phablets that are pumped out. Different people different needs/wishes.... and this SHOULD lead to different products by normal market mechanisms - but oddly it does not seem to happen? ...Maybe people are getting tired of more of the s
  17. Well abowers, I'm with you part of the way. But the thought of removing columns of keys gets a big NO from me or we would end up with a keyboard only really suited for countries with alphabets limited to A-Z. The 14 columns are one of the long awaited things with the Pro¹, as is the fifth row for numbers.. So I hope any future more compact version would keep the overall keyboard design, but 'just' shrink everything 8:9 The limitation by the size as I see it is primarily the one handed operation in portrait, but there are possible software-tricks that might help here, that I hope they'll im
  18. Oh I'm not talking cosmetic clean, but when dirt gets into the rails, and gives an uneven movement
  19. Unfortunately no. It will be interesting to see how they'll crack that one. Not at all easy to make a case for a slider.
  20. From the per-order page LAUNCH OFFER: All pre-orders will receive a free pair of Limited Edition F(x)tec earphones & F(x)tec Pro1 case (My emphasizing)
  21. Just tried to compare with the widely praised E7. The tilt of the Pro¹ seems almost identical, maybe 1-2° more flat than the E7. I for one started with a tilted one, and considered it a step back with the flat Xperia Pro and BB Priv. Especially the cleaning of the 'rails' of the flat sliders is a nightmare, as it is almost impossible to get to. I usually tried to fiddle with sticking in a somewhat stiff piece of paper like an old ticket, and a lot of blowing. The N97min was MUCH easier to clean. I think that it was designed to ALSO be able to be used comfortably on a table.
  22. Steven, It is a perspective thing of the photo. From the engadget hands on here, we have this And Venturebeat have this here I haven't measured, but the 25° tilt does not seem far off... (Why it is labeled 155° in the description is beyond me, as 0° would thus be display facing down, but luckily this is NOT a clamshell)
  23. Will be interesting when someone shows a disassembly indeed. I noticed the small 'notch' between the frame and the space key (see e.g. 36s in in the XDA video above), that must be there for a reason. So if we are very lucky, the keyboard is clicked in. Keeping my fingers crossed....
  24. Steven, I too hope for open access to the layout, and hopefully even without rooting. And there is a thread also with that here.
  25. Well I'm with netman here. I would take almost any physical version of the device to get a real landscape keyboard slider. I'm in no way in love with the edge design, as mentioned very early on, I too would have preferred the whole thing reduced. But I'm quite sure they have taken long and thorough considerations on what size and design to go for. I mean I'm sure a simple flat screen is still cheaper so if they believed that is what people want, they would have gone for that. By going this big, the keys are 10mm apart so some people with fine fingers could even do full ten-finger typing
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