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  1. Thanks Erik. Appreciate being told something at least. Bulging under the keyboard. Potentially the battery, but I didn't take it apart and fxtec haven't told me anything. They've had my device for about four months, so that should give a decent estimate for how long these things take.
  2. Since about March, Fxtec had been keeping communication with me about my phone repair/replacement (although, only because i kept following up) but two weeks ago I got the following email: They were talking about Thursday 18th of June and since then there's been no communication whatsoever. I tried following up a few times as this used to get me a response, but now I haven't sent anything for 8 days.
  3. I heard there was a major updater for Citra (3DS emulator) on Android, so it might be worth trying New Leaf.
  4. Yep, there was bloating underneath the keyboard (battery maybe?) so I sent it back. I'm now waiting on a replacement device...
  5. Hey, I haven't been active on this forum because I've had to send my device back to Fxtec 😞 Do you still need these stickers?
  6. I can and would recommend this to people who want this phone and are willing to put in a bit of effort to customise it their way. Of course it should be great out of the box, but it isn't and if you really want this keyboard phone from this start-up company, you're going to need to reset your expectations and budge a little more than you would usually have to for any of the larger companies. Still I think one of the few phones out there that justifies the price tag.
  7. Hey @Erik You probably get tired of seeing this by now, but are there any plans to get an official bug tracker? Bugzilla, Trello, anything? I know you're all busy, but there's a big benefit from both sides if it can be done.
  8. It's not perfect out of the box, but with Gcam this phone actually ended up surprising me. With Gcam: And even with Snapdragon camera, this concert photo isn't exactly the best but it fits the purpose:
  9. (then again I'm on holiday for the middle three weeks in March so there will be limited help in that period)
  10. The thing is that my issues with the Priv started happening about 6 months in, so I'm not sure I can quite judge the longevity of the Pro1 just yet.
  11. Yep, F(x)tec needs to do something but some of these are workaround-able if you want to stick with the phone. Edge Null (creates deadzones on the curves) is I think tthe most important one.
  12. Kind of obvious, but AI Dungeon 2 works great because you type everything! 😁😁 Stardew Valley is okay. It supports the default keybindings of the PC version, so you can use the keyboard for most things... except actually interacting, so I've been using on-screen buttons for that. The modding API (SMAPI) has been ported to Android though so there might be a way to have full customisable keyboard controls.
  13. Bet me to it! Temtem is fantastic on this device. Make sure you install FinQwerty so that Esc works properly. I've just been using the base keybindings though and the game itself doesn't have a way of changing them.
  14. Well, I hope someone does. I'm not sure if it'd be Fxtec. When I went to the London meetup I got the impression that this is their one very specific niche that they want to work on and perfect. I might be wrong on that though. If a portrait Fxtec doesn't appear, I think it's more likely to be done by a company that specialises in filling in niches, like Unihertz.
  15. Yeah, sounds quite sketch. But, they provided a possible root cause so hey. It may help the devs (and people in the community doing their own fixes).
  16. Agreed. Blackberry isn't even really a competitor just like Gemini and Cosmo; there's some crososver but it's another niche. Not to mention that at least the Blackberry brand had the power to have keyboard devices shown in store. It's also another justification for people to go "I guess not enough people want keyboard phones!".
  17. If BB took the Priv and just refreshed it (more efficient processor, bigger battery, fingerprint sensor) I probably would have gotten it!
  18. They were always terrible with having fluid software... but I loved all their hardware. I know the die-hard enthusiasts will scoff and say that the Priv/Key keyboards weren't as good as the old Blackberries and while that's true, they were still a hell of a lot better than the software keyboard. Not to mention some of us are way better with portrait qwerty than landscape -- I'm still getting used to it!
  19. Thanks @FlyingAntero I'll give it a go.
  20. Does anyone still make keyboards like on the bottom left of this photo? I still think my ideal phone would be a re-hash of the N950.
  21. Admittedly, I haven't had a look at the teardown to see what the internals look like so maybe that is the only realistic place they could put it? Agree about the case though. Should stop it from being triggered just by being held in the hand, and should make it easier to find and prevent Partial Fingerprint scans. A flip case where the flippy bit blocks the fingerprint sensor would be wonderful but... one step at a time 🙂
  22. That Pixel mod seems to be really good except for the Night Sight -- This is the only bit of 'jank'. I'm not sure how to configure the Gcam ports though as I haven't had time to look into how you change the config (this port doesn't seem to have the settings mentioned in FlyingAntero's post). But that aside, the picture quality is miles better than the Stock Camera. It's worth installing just for that. The selfie portraits come out pretty well as well.
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