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  1. Update: Just flashed the new ROM dated 20230124 via sideload smoothly. Level-3 keyboard modifier ("yellow arrow") keys now work correctly, with more keyboard options to come according to the XDA thread. Awesome! I also successfully rooted using Magisk. Yay! On the downside, I find that lineage-20.0 seems to no longer provide an OpenSSH-server . I think I will need that to re-implement the full functionality of my GNU/Linux-chroot setup on Pro1/lineage-16.0. I see there are Magisk modules providing sshd nowadays ... probably will have to get into that ...
  2. Me too. Installation was smooth using the instructions linked above. Seems stable (i.e. no crashes)up to now, but I haven't played much with it yet (Pro1-X is not my daily). LTE/GSM connectivity is just as bad as in stock -- as was to be expected. On the positive side, WiFi scanning again works correctly after 2.1.5-GMSless had somehow broken that for me.
  3. When you are worried about privacy, the single most important step is to get away from manufacturer-taintedbranded ROMs, Google Apps, and the Play Store. A publication demonstrating that by network analysis of phones' upstream traffic has actually been posted here before. Privacy-wise, you can essentially get on-par with all those self-proclaimed "privacy-first" OS's by simply installing LineageOS without Gapps and using F-Droid for your app needs. Sounds hard, and few do this, I know. On the other hand, If you think you can't live without Google services and Google apps, no amount o
  4. Awesome! Too bad I'll be back with my Prawn-X only on Monday evening ... Can't wait ...
  5. @Casey, please do not assume that only people opening tickets are affected by the connectivity problems. I think many of us (including myself) regard this as a general problem of the device that will be fixed in an upcoming software/firmware update. These hopes are based on last year's October and December updates, where you acknowledged poor signal and connection drops as one of the most notable bugs of the stock Android ROM, and wrote you were preparing an update to fix this. Assuming the problem is already being worked on, I thought it would not be helpful to open yet another tick
  6. LineageOS 16.0 has been updated to include backported ASB fixes up to patchlevel "5 January 2023", celebrating one year of support beyond Android 9 EOL 🙂. At https://findus.zwergenschaenke.net/~puma/linux.html#lineagepro1 fetch the ROM dated 20230111. Remember that this is for the original SD835-Pro1 only! The note about lacking upstream code-review still applies (see above): all I know is that the system seems to run fine on my own prawn. As usual, all mods with respect to the official lineage-16.0 tree are available as a tarball for reference. Have a lot of fun.
  7. *off-topic* Yes, stick to that beautiful machine as long as you can. I love those old laptops that were actually compactified versions of true workstations -- with all ports, interfaces, and peripherals ever needed. I sadly will have to retire my beloved T400 soon (due to lack of video acceleration in recent Firefox). It is to be replaced by a T470p that can't even come with an optical drive bay. All for the "added value" of a few mm-thinner frame ...
  8. After trying to actually use my Pro1-X as a phone, I am now convinced that community devs simply refuse to invest further effort into a Lineage port until at least the most blatant bugs in the device are ironed-out by the manufacturer. Few will want to invest time and effort into a new OS for a device that does not work on the most fundamental level of a phone. If the Pro1-X's connectivity problems are indeed related to the modem driver, we'll just have to wait until F(x)tec pump out a new stock to base on. If the issues are hardware-related, the device is practically DOA for many users a
  9. The Pro1 seems really problematic with regard to fastboot. I recently flashed my wife's Fairphone3 using my Thinkpad X250 without any problems. That same PC never succeeded with the Pro1 ... There seem to be multiple factors affecting flashing, especially in fastboot mode, and some are not controllable in a daily-driver PC. E.g. many USB-attached peripherals are not "removable" in a laptop. Hence my advice to just use a dedicated system for all Pro1 flashing. Using adb/fastboot from a Raspberry 2 or 3 just works(tm)! They're hardly more expensive than a separate USB hub and are usefu
  10. Sooo ... I finally got myself an additional SIM for my Pro1-X. And ... things seem to be bad ... Very bad ... So bad, that I now regret relativizing some of the devastating experiences others have posted here before ... Apologies, guys! I got my Pro1-X two months ago (from Expansys) and found its WiFi and GPS functions to be somewhat on par with the - albeit not great - capabilities of my Pro1. Based on that, I extrapolated that telephony could not be much worse, either. I think I've never been that wrong! After a few hours of testing, the Pro1-X's GSM/LTE modem seems to be a disast
  11. I too had initially many troubles when trying to use several Linux PCs (both, desktops and laptops) for flashing the Pro1 in fastboot mode. Compared to other phones, it seems to be quite picky about the USB hardware ... I ended up configuring one of my Raspberry Pi3 specially for flashing my Pro1 and Pro1X: no problems ever since. The RPi3's are cheap, their simple USB-2.0 ports have proved to be 100% reliable for the purpose, and adb/fastboot is just an "apt install" away in Raspbian.
  12. From this thread, it seems like you already know all there is to know. Still, here is my summary for any newcomers dropping in: For unknown reasons, F(x)tec ship their phones configured in a way that allows battery charging only with a running OS. If, by whatever circumstances, the battery charge ever drops to zero in that configuration, re-charging will no longer work, as this would require to first boot the OS which - in turn - would need at least some residual charge to be left in the battery. In that situation, the only way to re-charge is probably to disconnect the battery from the c
  13. That's a good option for regions where GSM/2G or 3G still operate concurrently with 4G/5G. I use that solution with my Pro1 in Germany. However, @Name_not_avail is located in the US. They recently shut down all pre-4G networks. 4G simply does not implement traditional voice calls outside of VoLTE. Hence, with the modem no longer able to fall back to one of the older, non-IP-based protocols (2G/3G) upon initiating or receiving a call, VoLTE is now mandatory in the US.
  14. 🎄 Christmas Update 🎄: A new build of LineageOS 16.0 (for SD835-Pro1) is available at https://findus.zwergenschaenke.net/~puma/linux.html#lineagepro1. Go for the ROM dated "20221222". This build enables kernel support for PlayStation DualShock gamepads, inexplicably missing from the standard defconfig. 😉 There are no other changes since last week. As usual, my collection of mods relative to upstream is available. Why this is important: Turns out my son enjoys SuperTuxKart as much as I do, and he actually got his own DualShock3 for St. Nicholas Day. So we thought we could use th
  15. In the end, all those OS's rely on the stock Android 11 core. I do not think UT or LOS are any more dependent on an updated firmware from F(x)tec than SFOS or Droidian. But I can see your point that the latter two indeed show that not all is lost. Probably I'm just overly pessimistic ...
  16. OK, ok, I was probably overshooting a bit. Sorry. 🙂 However, my point was not about something specific they wrote in this latest update. It's more that I dislike the overall trend: One year ago, F(x)tec had an in-house developer actively working on Pro1/X kernel mainlining and alternate OS porting. At that point they seemed pretty serious about delivering a phone with official, out-of-the box LineageOS and UbuntuTouch support. As I wrote previously, this was a very important aspect of the initial Pro1-X concept. During this year, they first abandoned the "out-of-the-box" part (by shi
  17. OK ... this does not seem to go well. According to the past updates, almost all units should have been sitting at "their" warehouse (really Expansys', I understand) already for four (4) months. Given that Expansys are obviously able to ship their own Pro1-X's without any problems, I think F(x)tec should stop blaming "logistical issues" in "China and Hong Kong" for everything ... they must have at least some part in this mess and I think people would appreciate if they admitted that. However, the most disappointing part about the last few updates is how alternative OS development is i
  18. Another month, another update of good-ol' LineageOS 16.0! Head to https://findus.zwergenschaenke.net/~puma/linux.html#lineagepro1 and fetch the ROM dated "20221214". It includes backported ASB fixes up to patchlevel "5 December 2022". The warning about lack of upstream code-review still applies (see above). All I know is that the ROM seems to work fine on my own device. Also, as I wrote last month, my modded keyboard driver no longer reports every key-press to the kernel log. Send me a PM if you prefer a build with this debugging info enabled. As usual, a tarball of all mod
  19. I believe @TechLvr is using my (LOS16) rom. Therein, the respective section under "System > Languages & Input" is indeed called "Input assistance". In my case, the spell-checker panel looks like this: Where I have several "System languages" selected under "Languages & input": During typing one can then switch between those on-the-fly using the "globe" icon on the on-screen keyboard, or using "FxTec+Space" on the HW keyboard. Did you install any alternative keyboard apps?
  20. While I believe this problem is real, it has almost certainly nothing to do with the Pro1X's CPU or GPU performance.
  21. All I can say up to now is that the raw GPU performance of the Pro1-X is indeed much lower than the Pro1's. In Super Tux Kart (love that game!) the X reaches somewhat less than half the frame rate, given identical graphics settings (top: Pro1, bottom: Pro1-X): While this is unfortunately quite noticeable in a fast-paced game like that, it of course does not matter much in normal phone use. In many cases the Pro1-X actually feels faster than the Pro1, e.g. when launching apps, as if the disk-IO was faster. However, that may also be related to Android 11 (on the Pro1-X) being bet
  22. I have updated LineageOS 16.0 to include backported security fixes up to ASB patchlevel "5 November 2022". At http://findus.zwergenschaenke.net/~puma/linux.html#lineagepro1 grab the ROM dated 20221117. Remember that this is for the original SD835 Pro1 only. The note about lacking upstream code-review from previous months still applies. All I can say is that the build seems to run without issues on my own prawn. Note that, with this release, I have added a compile-time option that disables most of the kernel messages generated by the keyboard driver. I always disliked how e
  23. So, the speaker issue is definitely improving. With the battery fully charged (and /sys/class/power_supply/battery/voltage_now >~ 4100000 µV), the tapping sound reappeared sometimes while changing the volume of a playing youtube video, though not to the extend to make the video unwatchable. Now, with the battery charge at 72% (/sys/class/power_supply/battery/voltage_now ~ 4000000 µV), I'm back to "cannot reproduce" ... I am now quite confident that this problem will quickly go away with ageing of the battery, as others have observed, and I regret opening the Pro1-X for this (
  24. Replying to my own question: Seems like it doesn't look very good for HDMI-out on the Pro1X, at least when it comes to alternative OS's. Unsurprisingly, I can confirm that my all-in-one UGREEN USB-C dock, which works flawlessly with the Pro1, does nothing regarding HDMI when connected to the Pro1X (also Ethernet does not work with the X btw ...). After a bit of reading, I wonder whether the solution that was presented during development of the Pro1X is actually using any native "HDMI-out" features of the SoC. Rather, it seems to implement an MHL interface and needs a proprietary APK
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