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  1. I never had Gapps installed, but I am pretty sure that at the time LOS 16 was in testing phase, @tdm always reminded people not to forget to reinstall them after flashing a new version via sideload.
  2. Isn't that to be expected? I also have to re-sideload AddonSU each time I flash a new ROM.
  3. For me (on LOS 16) sideloading my custom ROM from the official recovery would just fail (without anything getting flashed), so I am not sure if this is the same phenomenon.
  4. Yes, that's the correct procedure, which worked for me since I got my Pro1. Upon flashing the ROM it switches the active slot. A reboot is then needed to make sure any additional software is actually sideloaded into the right OS.
  5. You mean sideload your own build over an official one? That will only work without wiping data if you migrate your setup from 'official' to 'testing' keys. Also, at least for LOS 16.0, the official recovery would not allow me to sideload my own build. I had to first flash my self-built boot.img using fastboot (to both slots, just to be sure 😉).
  6. No, I do not think so. As far as I know, the "testing" keys are not unique to a certain building environment, so you should be able to flash the new build over the previous one without migrating. Did you actually solve that issue you had with installing Gapps and other Apps on your custom build?
  7. Sounds a bit like "Trust the authorities, they will know what is good for us." 👮‍♀️ I am not saying they have no reasons for doing what they do. I am saying that those reasons have nothing to do with technology and are thus not valid. I believe they check against rooting as that breaks the App for only few technically-skilled customers, while giving all others the warm feeling that they care about security. Technically, checking the Android patch level (and refusing to run on outdated systems) would make much more sense. However they will never do that as it would affect way to
  8. Well, authentication at an ATM is done using that same 4-digit pin. And banking cards get stolen all the time. So I am not sure about that argument. 🤔 We are wandering off-topic here, but I think it is an interesting discussion, so let's go. First, even looking at things in the most positive way, I fail to see how preventing root access from user space adds any security to the latter. After all, even with root access enabled, Apps do not gain that access right any more "easily" than any other permission. User interaction is required all the same. But then, there are more fundam
  9. Don't get me started on this 😉 After thinking about it, I see now that that rhetoric question was not very compassionate. That millions of children suffer from hunger is indeed unbelievable. That Apple and Google feist on user rights may be deplorable too, but it is also not that inevitable, after all ...
  10. That sounds good. I wonder why there is no "light" version of Magisk as spritual successor of AddonSU. I really do not need all of that advanced stuff related to "hiding" the fact that I am rooted. Know what: I am proud of running a rooted device! I hate all that FUD spread by Apple and Google around rooted phones (despite them knowing better, of course). Guess what: I have root access to my desktop PC, my laptops and my (Internet exposed) home server. Of course that does not mean that *all* software on them runs with root privileges! And, yes, of course, my bank allows me to make transac
  11. Well, even within Android there are use cases that require root management. E.g. file managers. However, the main reason is that I run a GNU/Linux chroot in parallel to Lineage that requires root access for all kinds of things. Last, I simply like the idea that I have full control of the system from userland if I want or need it. I consider my Pro1 to be more of a computer than an appliance. So I expect to have the same possibilities as admin than on my PCs. 🙂 Of course, Magisk could do all of that. I like AddonSU because it is low-profile, nicely integrated in LOS, and an "official"
  12. Sadly yes. As far as I know, that happened because changes in Android security mechanisms made porting AddonSU to LOS 17 non-trivial at best. One of the reasons I am camping on LOS 16 ...
  13. While my hardware (qwertz) in principle works well with AOSP keyboard (can disable autocapitalization in the settings, sticky shift works), I also observe some quirks in K9-Mail only. So maybe test also in other apps. Most annoying for me is that whenever I type "im" (german for "in"), that gets auto-replaced by "I'm", although AOSP keybaord is set to german input language and all auto-replacements are disabled in the settings. K9 is my only app that does that. Still hoping that misbehaviour will disappear with some update of the app as it seems to be the only (open-source) one to support
  14. It built alright in the LOS 16 tree. Flashed it some minutes ago. Fn-Tab and Fn-Shift-Tab work as expected. I could not spot any regressions up to now. I will keep this build for the weekend and report.
  15. This seems really awkward. I fear I cannot help here. I have been using my self-built (testing-key-signed) Lineage for months. And while I do not use Gapps (on purpose 😎), I can sideload LOS-16's official AddonSU, and I can install any App via F-Droid, Aurora, or by opening the *.APK from the file browser. I did migrate a previous official Lineage install using the procedure explained in the Lineage wiki in order to not loose my data upon installing my own build. But that was it. I understand you wiped data before flashing your build ("Nuke the entire site from orbit!"), so I wo
  16. I agree. The point is to comfortably switch apps while keeping your thumbs on both sides of the keyboard and not having to use the touch screen. Yes. I had added back the "+" manually and it is building now ... 60% and going strong. I expect a flashable LOS 16.0 with Fn-Tab functionality in 2 hours or so ... 🙂
  17. @Slion, I think you introduced a typo in the latest revision of the patch. Build fails with ../../../../../../kernel/fxtec/msm8998/drivers/input/keyboard/qx1000.c:1709:41: error: expected ';' after expression size = sizeof(struct gpio_keys_drvdata) ^ I think that line should stay like in the original code: size = sizeof(struct gpio_keys_drvdata) + pdata->nbuttons * sizeof(struct gpio_button_data); You probably deleted the "+" by accident in the latest edit.
  18. Works for me with AOSP keyboard on LOS 16.0. Others report it also works on LOS 18.1. So maybe the feature can be switched on/off somewhere. Do not know where, though ...
  19. The patch (patchset 6) applied cleanly against my LOS 16.0 tree. Just started the build ...
  20. We'll see. I think the proposed behaviour is definitely useful. If the patch does not apply cleanly, I'll try to backport it. If all goes well, I'll start a LOS 16 build with your new driver code in the evening and will report tomorrow.
  21. That would make a lot of sense, indeed. If the patch gets accepted in the kernel branch, would it be in effect for all LOS branches (16.0, 17.1, and 18.1), or just for 18.1? I could test against 16.0 by applying the patch to my local copy of 16.0. Should I?
  22. I should add that this does not work in all apps. E.g. sticky shift works in Firefox, K9-Mail and 1+Term, but e.g. not in ConnectBot or CollaboraOffice. So probably Apps can opt-in and out of that feature.
  23. No idea. I use the normal AOSP keyboard shipping with LOS 16. I suspected it was a feature of the latter, but at first sight I can't find any setting related to that. When I hit-and-release "Shift" once (without any other button), I enter "normal-sticky" shift, i.e. the next letter is capitalized, the following ones are lower case again. This is a quite common accessibility feature to enable use of a keyboard with a single finger (for e.g. disabled people). Hitting "Shift" twice makes capitalization "super-sticky" for me, meaning all letters are entered as capitals until "Shift" is p
  24. That's different. When you write all caps irrespective of the CapsLock state, you are in "Super-Sticky-Shift" mode. One enters that by hitting Shift twice (without pressing any other key). Disable by one more Shift press. That's a feature, not a bug, I guess. 🙂 The phenomenon @Slion mentioned is an inversion of CapsLock. I.e. with LED on you type minor letters, with LED off capitals.
  25. Why am I not surprised you are using a different filesystem than everyone else? 😉 Good luck with the new build!
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