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Help show your Pro1 to others close by

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Let us help F(x)tec with some show casing!

I hope everybody will flash it around and spread the word to everybody they think might be just a little bit interested, or might know one that is...


At Crackberry a guy was asking where he could try it hands on.

So if you are willing to be contacted by someone that wants a hands on before buying, here is a tread to post your

Country, state/region, nearest larger town,

Then people can create an account in here and send a PM to arrange further.


Please mark the geography in bold and/or a larger font, to make it easier for those browsing for a location near by.

Also keep discussions elsewhere, (or do it briefly), as I hope we will have hundreds helping. 😇


I live in Denmark, at Funen, Near Svendborg

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2 hours ago, david said:

Now we just need to find a business that offers padded phone testing rooms. 🙂

Usually a giant padded mousepad on a table should be sufficient. I do worry everyday about dropping the phone during the daily commute in the train. Anodised metal looks cool, but oh so slippery 

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Australia, New South Wales, Sydney

Have already installed Sailfish OS on it. My phone seems to have unreasonably quiet speaker during phone calls (quieter than Geeksphone Keon); and when I switch on loud-speaker mode, the other party gets echo on their end of the line - but that's likely just my device having some mis-configuration. Music plays fine, loud and clear.

Thank you. Best wishes.


Per aspera ad astra...

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