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  1. The keyboard assembly is glued together, but it is not glued onto the phone. I would suggest to carefully disassemble it and take a look what exactly got bent.
  2. Services might get terminated more aggressively causing some apps to harass you less promptly with notifications I guess.
  3. I am not up to date due to I can't update my patched rom without erasing userdata xD. Not entirely sure if I am lacking the vignetting patch or it is just the lighting (i don't really notice it in other photos. or this one before it was said for that matter).
  4. with the stock camera app click here for original jpeg
  5. That does make this sound a lot like a software issue, I haven't been able to reproduce it however.
  6. I also have one, but it is most definitely not for sale.
  7. Try the contact form on the website, they might not be receiving your e-mails for whatever reason. People that requested refunds before did receive them.
  8. I'm no longer missing my n900, and definitely not the dumb slab phones I used after it :)
  9. Alas no, we are waiting for a TWRP that can decrypt first. Until then TWRP is only really useful for SFOS users.
  10. We're getting a nice slider keyboard phone for the first time in 5 years (more if you don't count blackberry), and all some people can do is complain it's too little too late... Unless you have some very special needs SD835 is pretty damn good for quite a few years to come, miles better than anything mediatek and the likes have to offer today.
  11. The diodes are the only thing missing, but your belief is not fully correct. The limitation with having no diodes is that if you press 3 keys that are in a rectangle on the matrix for example something like this: Where A B C are the rows and 1 2 3 are the columns of the matrix and the red dots are pressed buttons, where the row and column are connected together by the switch. Then C and 1 are also connected together because row C is connected to column 2 which is connected to row A which connects to row 1. From only having GPIOs connected to each row and column it's impossible to tel
  12. When i wrote that I didn't realize the keyboard is where all the things are attached to. No need to further disassemble for the sake of photos, I hope you get a working one again soon :).
  13. If it is not too late an single picture from less close by showing the entire opened part of the bottom half would be nice, same for the screen side and bottom of keyboard. Thanks very much for documenting this :). Surprisingly little damage visible from the water.
  14. This was indeed fixed with a software update as was stated: The updater is pretty quirky though, it may only take effect after a reboot and also it may tell you are up-to-date and then change it's mind after reboot. To make sure you have the latest tell it to update, reboot, repeat. I am certain the code was changed as I am responsible for that (for the multi-key support in keyboard that is) :P. Any combination of 2 keys should work, the modifier keys like ctrl, alt, shift work completely separately. Combinations of 3 or more keys depend on which keys they are as to whether they w
  15. I think fxtec has to follow you also before a DM option will appear. @Elysia
  16. I've only played with Cosmo for a while but own Pro1, my observations from that: Pro1: faster nicer SoC, smaller form factor, only really suitable for thumb typing but really nice feeling keyboard. Definitely my favorite of the two because I primarily want to use it where I don't have a table to sit it on and type with thumbs. Also the way it snaps open/closed just makes me feel happy. The curved screen is the biggest downside in my opinion, it's harder to protect and more prone to impacts due to covering two sides of the front with glass. Cosmo: sadly mediatek SoC, very big phone, keybo
  17. type `uptime` into termux or connectbot
  18. Feature request: option to put the url bar at the bottom :).
  19. I could be wrong, in my experience the adhesive holding such cables etc into phones doesn't really require a heat gun although it may help. Batteries are another story, those don't always come out in one piece... Edit: looking at the manual again that cable at the bottom does look like it has a big area adhered to the case inside but I don't see why anyone would remove it unless the cable itself is to be replaced.
  20. No heat gun should be needed atall, unless you want to either delaminate the keyboard assembly or take the screen off the backing behind it.
  21. They also have a logo in nearly the same color theme as that bottle on IGG...
  22. If you got the yoga style hinge you'd have to stick the phone in your pocket with the keyboard to the outside to use it fully like a normal slabphone...
  23. I've tried the Cosmo with thumbs briefly (with a Pro1 side by side) and at least for my opinion it pales in comparison to Pro1 at that, it's however usable with thumbs if you need to but the keyboard is pretty wide and the keys like to topple over rather than getting pressed if you don't hit them dead center. Also did not like that there are no nubs on the F and J key. If I understand it the Astro will have the same (or virtually the same) keyboard. On the flip side typing with all 10 fingers on Pro1 isn't what I'd call ideal so if that's what you want from a device... I even did a typing spee
  24. If you scroll waay down on their indiegogo page for it there's some more detail about the mechanism. Can't say it totally inspires confidence in me but it does seem possible. Edit: not as easy to find as i thought, the first video before the pic that says "DAY | NIGHT".
  25. I am not convinced because I want to type with my thumbs :P. It's a cool device though and seems like a step up from cosmo.
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