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Got Your Pro1, Tracking Number or "Stock Assigned" message? POST HERE!

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I GOT A TRACKING NUMBER!!!! 🤩 Email came though 2 hours ago but I just saw it now.  According to Fedex tracking, it's shipping from HK and should arrive 20/11.  Only problem is I've been procrastinati

"Good news! We have now assigned the stock for your Pro1 order." :-D. It's happening guys! I'm shaky from excitement, so happy.

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Got the parcel today. Delivery guy confirmed that the package was missing the company name on the shipping label yesterday. I checked my emails and the email from FxTec clearly showed the company name. To anyone that is using a company address as delivery address: Contact FxTec to make sure they really include the company name on the shipping label.


On the old shipping label, instead of the company name, it had my name a second time. And the 'Straße' part read 'Straaye'.

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Here are more pictures.

- the sleeve is a little bit wider and taller as the phone. It's not easy to put the the phone in it and out. Therefore, it definitely doesn't fall out by itself!

- the protector fits really good to the screen -> full screen incl. edges (please ignore the bubbles 😂)





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I just received my new "stock assigned" email this morning.  It explicitly says it is headed from the factory to the fulfillment warehouse and then customs.  I'm first batch US., so this is my second stock assigned email-- the first one resulted in US Customs sending it back to HK.

I'm wondering if this is the first batch coming back with the right paperwork or if this is part of the second batch. Obviously, I'm excited in either case, but I'm hoping the latter because it means a lot of folks will be getting theirs soon.

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Got mine too - fedex 1224703xxxxx

Seems they're shipping US orders direct from HK too.... mine's still at the airport over there according to tracking.


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33 minutes ago, mv said:

Stock assigned, and tracking number... might be delivered today if it clears customs.

Assuming you are US, I am also assuming since mine cleared customs last night, yours will/did too.  My Pro 1 is at my local facility and will be delivered this afternoon.

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I'd say that is pretty specific :D
I'm not a backer of any sort.
I placed my order on 04/08/19, made payment on 08/01/19.

I am mostly happy to report that my cute, sad, little Nexus 5 from 2012 running KitKat 4.4.2 kept up the good fight and made it to today!


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45 minutes ago, Hook said:

I admit I have never had a package delivered with a duty/tariff owed, so I can't say for sure, but I think in the US they would do the former, not the latter.

Yep in the US... mine still hasn't cleared and is in Anchorage... despite Fedex saying it will be delivered today, but i cool on the wait 🙂

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4 hours ago, sequestris said:

I'm with Hook. I think if there was any sort of fee they wouldn't have it listed as no signature required.


This is basically the same boat as me... though different city... Fedex seems to not update their records

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