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  1. I really believe that this kind of discussion is fruitless. If we agree on the common goal of keeping keyboard phones alive, there is no choice but to back the (few) companies like Fxtec. However, there being no choice sadly does not mean there is a guarantee of success: not every transfer of money is a purchase whose object can be claimed. Think of it like this: If I donate money to WWF to help them save the Amur leopard, and then the cat goes extinct nonetheless, would I get refunded? No, of course, I wouldn't. And I still donate every year.
  2. From indiegogo.com: "By contributing to a Campaign, Contributors are supporting an idea, project, or cause they care about and want to help make happen. Like anyone getting in on an early-stage project, Contributors accept the risk that the Campaign may experience changes, delays, and unforeseen challenges, or that a Campaign, and its Perks, might not come to fruition." That seems pretty clear and honest to me. What are you complaining about?
  3. Again, being no lawyer, I doubt this. Backers have a well-defined contract with IGG, see here. IGG is a US company, so its contracts with customers are bound to US law only. IGG may choose to cooperate with international partners on a project, including partners from the EU or Britain (Fxtec). However that does not mean that backers have any direct contract with that partner. I think the picture that Fxtec is "selling" the Pro1-X through IGG is wrong. They gather money though IGG in the hope that it will be sufficient to actually build the phone and then (and only then) deliver
  4. I am no lawyer (and am happy about that). However, what you write is the opposite of what IGG promises to their partners. They explicitly state that backer's money does not need to be refunded in case of a project failure. Also, despite of being a proud European myself, I do not see how (or why) EU law should be applicable to a California company.
  5. As you read from others, you will not get any official reponse on this forum. IGG rules (as far as I understand them) allow Fxtec to either choose to refund backers or keep the money nontheless in the case their project (the Pro1-X) fails. Now, they seem pretty serious about not letting the project fail, but modifiy the Pro1-X such that it can still be delivered. So (again, as far as I understand those things) the "project" (the Pro1-X) is still alive and well, and refunding (all) backers is not even in question. As I have previously stated, I believe the Pro1-X will be the best
  6. The downside is that you have to make a set of identical session profiles in advance. I mostly connect to the same server and I know that I very rarely need more than 3 connections simultaneously -- so it is a viable solution for now, but it is not perfect. Ideally, the app would automatically spawn one more identical session if you activate the same profile a second time (say by tapping your home screen shortcut twice). However ConnectBot cannot do that -- in contrast to JuiceSSH as I understand. <nostalgia> On the N900 one could just spawn an unlimited number of terminals v
  7. Turns out I just underestimated ConnectBot! It can indeed open multiple sessions at once, and even makes switching between them really simple: one just needs to swipe the screen to left or right to jump between open terminal windows. Awsome but (seemingly) undocumented feature. I now made three shortcuts to my server, so I can comfortably open up to three different terminal sessions to it. JuiceSSH seems nice, but unfortunately it is not FOSS, so I do not want to use it. I am a little picky about that. Thanks anyway!
  8. I should probably have said that I do have a GNU/Linux running in a Chroot that allows me to start a full X11-desktop if I really need it. However for simple CLI-work, I want to have a lightweight Android app around that allows me to spawn an SSH session via a shortcut on my homescreen with a single tap (I use PSK authentication). Up to now I thought termux was too heavy for that purpose and that it would simply duplicate features my Chroot provides anyway. Maybe I should give it a try after all, thanks for the suggestion.
  9. As probably many do, I regularly use my Pro1 for logging into remote Un*x machines via SSH. I use ConnectBot for that purpose and am in principle quite happy with it. Sometimes, however, I would like to open several SSH sessions to the same remote host in parallel. Of course I know that I can create detached sessions on the remote host with the 'screen' command. However, that is not what I want. Ideally, I would like the app to spawn several terminal instances side-by-side, so I can switch between them from the home screen. Essentially, I want the equivalent of multiple SSH sessions runni
  10. Did that for you. πŸ™‚ Awesome support, @EskeRahn!
  11. Yes, on their website it says the phone will ship preinstalled with Manjaro as OS and PlasmaMobile as UI. So I guess that gives the best normal-user experience. That said, a plethora of operating systems have been shown to run on the phone already. Community support for the device is impressive ...
  12. As @VaZso and @EskeRahn point out, if the card's capacity is faked, you will not notice the fake until you try to actually use the full capacity, which you probably didn't up to now. A priori, I do not see why a brick-and-mortar shop should be any more reliable than an online one, unless either you are on cordial terms with the people running it, or it is a big brand that would not realistically risk selling fakes ...
  13. You're obviously talented. I can't do that single-handed half a year into using the phone πŸ™‚. I did stop training after the Pro1 almost jumped out of my hand once. Congrats on your purchase. This user forum naturally tends to over-emphasise the problems of the Pro1. All-in-all, it is a quite solid phone. While there certainly are devices with significant manufacturing flaws, I suspect they are a very small minority.
  14. In Samsung's official shop [samsung.com] I cannot find any micro-SDs larger than 512 GB, and those are already more expensive than that. I also think you should test the card before you rely on it.
  15. How is it? What OS have you got installed? Are the core phone functions (telephony, texting, mobile data, ...) working reliably? I had read about this project some time ago, but somehow lost it from my radar. I get that the system is far less powerful than the Pro1. Also I am no longer sure I could realistically survive without my Android apps. However, as a (real) mobile Linux playground, the PinePhone may just be ideal ...
  16. This is, simultaneously, the most hilarious and most important post I have read here in the last few days. Thanks @lawliett. People, try to relax a little. If Fxtec wanted, they could probably take the money from the IGG campaign and leave. Obviously, they don't. They try to deliver a keyboard phone that is as close as possible to what backers bet their money on. Conspiracy theorists believing Fxtec set this all up for drawing money out of a minuscule (!) community of keyboard phone enthusiasts probably cannot be healed anyhow. Still, I want to stress that I write this holding my Pro
  17. ... unless the next pandemic is around by then and my respiratory mask gets the AR glasses steamed up all the time. πŸ™‚ Obligatory xkcd: https://xkcd.com/1891/. Other than that, you may have some good points there, indeed.
  18. @Hook is probably right. Like for the original Pro1, Fxtec will provide pre-production devices to Lineage and UBPorts (maybe Sailfish, too?) community developers. They have the necessary connections in the community, so I am quite confident there will be at least unofficial ports of LineageOS and UbuntuTouch available by the time the Pro1-X hits the marked. Pro1-X will be supported by upstream (Android) much longer than the original Pro1. I have no worries that, in the long term, it will get a strong community of developers behind it. In my own interest, I of course hope community suppor
  19. I had never tried different grid sizes. But I can now confirm that in my LOS 16, the App overview menu has the same number of columns I set in the home screen. Unfortunately I cannot help further with LOS 17.1 -- but indeed something seems to have changed there, then.
  20. Without being an expert, I get that their partner manufacturing the PCB relies on an upstream supplier who cannot deliver the 835 anymore, but there is a licence for the 662 instead. Other PCP manufacturers could still purchase the 835 (from their different upstreams). However Fxtec cannot switch, as they do not own the PCB blueprints. Any new PCB supplier would have to re-design the board from scratch according to Fxtec specs, which they cannot afford.
  21. That would be my approach too. I am not directly affected for now, as I have my Pro1 and did not order a Pro1-X. However, I do worry that Fxtec may not survive this disaster if people keep freaking out like this. There is no evidence suggesting Fxtec were a band of crooks. I have not read a single story here where, in the end, anyone did not either finally get their phone or their money back. Theories suggesting Fxtec purposedly spread lies to suck money out of their community really have no grounds, and I suggest people (here and on the Indiegogo forum) think twice before uttering s
  22. To me, the message they released reads like the decision for the 662 stands. They were informing us about the new facts, not trying to seek our advice.
  23. Do you mean the homescreen grid? That defaults to 4x5 (columns x rows) also in my LineageOS 16. However if I wanted, I could increase it up to 9x9 in the "Home settings" menu. Is that option gone in LOS 17.1?
  24. Experience tells that time estimates from Fxtec tend to be very optimistic ... I think a re-design of the device into a Pro2 (with different radios) would take very long before being ready for shipping. I woudn't expect anything less than a year, probably even significantly longer. During all that time they would not deliver a single phone anymore. I think Fxtec cannot afford such a long absence form the market. I am also disappointed by this development, but downgrading to the inferior SoC for maximum compatibility with the existing design is probably the only thing they can do now.
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