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  1. I have used Stock only very shortly. But as @OKSun wrote, its initial bugs are being sorted out. So If you are after the full 'as-Google-intended' Android experience (with all pros and cons attached), stock is probably what you want. If you want an Android-like smartphone experience, but intend to use mostly FLOSS software, go for LineageOS (and best avoid installing Gapps et al.). This will allow you to use all Android apps listed on F-Droid plus many free ones from the Play Store (although most are not FLOSS). Some Apps relying on Google services may not run though, even with Gapps et a
  2. I must admit that, since posting my above comment about the keyboard backlight switching off, I have been unable to reproduce that behaviour ... I must have been doing something very unusual when that happened - I was messing a lot with my (rooted) chroot setup back then, maybe that can have some crazy side effects. Whatever. Thanks for clarifying the backlighting logics for me and even pointing me to the code, tdm. If I ever reproduce the bug, knowing how things are supposed to behave will certainly be useful.
  3. Hello community! First of all: Many thanks (mostly to @tdm I guess) for providing LOS -- I think it is the most useful and polished OS for the Pro1 by quite some margin. After trying, both, Stock and SFOS, I have used LOS exclusively on my device almost since day 1. My (small) problem: Even though this is supposed to be fixed, it still happens to me that the keyboard backlight switches off, and can be re-enabled only by sliding the keyboard in- and out. I notice this mostly when using Microsoft's "Remote Desktop 8" app (although I do not think the issue is related to the app).
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