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Protective Case Suggestions and Ideas

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I now have cut away almost the entire right side of my P20 silicon case. I believe the small cutout for the power button was shifting around in tight pockets activating the screen by accident. When I took out my phone with an active flashlight this morning, i finally had enough. Been running around without any fingerprints set up the last two days.

Slider also works better now.

Still, this opens up new ways for dust and lint to sneak into the back of the case.

Edit: and it was this issue all along.

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First testprint made last night. I've split the bottom up in 2 parts to figure out how well the fit is. there is some slight (2mm) missalignment of the buttons and usb-c header and the camera placemen

Just finished a quick sketch of the bottom part of the protective cover:   Will run a test print tonight to get first dimensions with hard plastic to see how the shell fits, then adjust

I made a leather pouch for the Pro1. I used cow leather, thickness about 2 mm. All the parts are glued with super glue gel adhesive which remains flexible. I made some holes to see the led and to get

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This is my suggestion, like my old Samsung Relay...



And if you want, have a choice of color, for the Relay we still have choices;



I'm sure there's a way to manufacture something like this...

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1 hour ago, lmckenna said:

Ended up going the same route as @Hook and it makes the phone way less slippery......

This skin is nothing else than piece of car vinyl wrap.
Soo you can go to any car wrap company and ask for small piece in any color (transparent too) 🙂
...and good is that car wrap is good formable after preheating .
Best are from 3M or Oracal i mean

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4 hours ago, Bruce Wayne said:

Try This Frame less case  .. at least it will reduce your work to cutout notches for Side.

you only have to work for Top and bottom notch..

although it looks cool...

Interesting. Though my experience with the stiff types are a poor fit. The reason is that the back of the Pro1 is not just flat but slanted towards the sides.

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13 hours ago, Bruce Wayne said:

it will reduce your work to cutout notches

Easiest I found to work with regarding cutting is getting a 0.5mm soft silicone case (P20 Pro). If you have a bench press and some hard (or sharpened) shapes for the holes then you can do a very clean work.

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(Posting this on the screen protector thread and also the case thread because relevant for both).
  The quote below is from the screen protector thread: 


On 8/7/2020 at 1:16 PM, AnyDevil said:

A few years back when we didn't do in-house screen protector manufacturing, we were getting bugged daily to make screen protectors for one of the early OnePlus devices (OnePlus being an early-adopter brand like Fxtec is now). We did a production run, and we didn't sell any! Can't make that mistake again 🙂


Here's a crazy idea. Maybe you could modify some existing cases for a fee?

In my area (Brazil) the best fit I could find are cases for the MotorolaOne Vision (XT1970 is moto's code for this device). The back openings for the Moto One Vision case are a match for the Pro1 (even the Fxtec logo is visible as it is in the exact same place as the fingerprint reader on the Moto).

What isn't right are the openings on the sides (earphone plug, speakers, USB/charger port, volume, power, camera buttons and fingerprint sensor).

Check photos below of an "El Cheapo" chinese "folio-style" case. I also got a TPU case but that one's at home as I felt the folio case is a bit safer (protects screen too).

Some other people here at the forum found the Huawei P20 to be a good fit as well. 

Either one of these cases could be a starting point from where you could professionally cut openings in the right places maybe? If modding is not your cup of tea or against your business model maybe you could direct us towards some other shop that could do that. Thanks!

EDIT: By having a TPU case correctly modded, the folio case could kind of be a consequence. Since it really is a TPU case holding the phone to the folio.


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I got a "GVTECH Case for Huawei P20 Pro TPU Cover" (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07RSQF772) which fits pretty nicely on the lower (keyboard) half of the unit, though of course I had to poke holes for the rear mic, top/bottom speakers, USB socket, headphone socket, and power and volume keys. I dislike having no protection on the top (screen) half though, and indeed have already gotten a subtle crack on the screen because it was slippery enough to slide out of my pocket sitting down and land on its corner.

Any better suggestions? Ideally, any suggestions for adding a silicone bumper around the edges of the screen to cushion those corners (and avoid it resting on the screen surface when placed face-down)?

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On 8/29/2020 at 9:06 AM, EskeRahn said:

See this

Thanks for that! Sadly it's too late for me, this heavy slippery phone already slid out of my pocket once and landed on a front corner of the screen rather than a rear corner in the nice soft silicone case, so now I've got a crack and an intermittent solid magenta line through the display. 😕

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7 hours ago, benoitjeffrey said:

Even protected in a p20 pro flip case , it lasted 2 weeks before shattering the whole display on the first drop....

We really do need a proper case that wouldn't take 2 months to get to our door and that is made for our device

How sad... I have dropped a Pro1 in a flip case a couple of times - and even without (see this) - but so far have been lucky that only cosmetic damage has been done.

But that said a dedicated case would certainly be good. Though it is hard to imagine one that both gives it good protection and does not limit the usability.

IMHO The least bad compromise here is a flip case or a double bumper (here), but unfortunately the flip case did not do the trick for your drop.

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I've been using the flip case from Snakehive for awhile now and just wanted to update on the TPU case within it. I have only made one cut out for the finger print reader. For the other buttons I've only sliced the plastic to weaken it. That does allow the buttons to be pressed, even the camera button can be used this way.

The case doesn't appear to be as flimsy as others have suggested, with the extra button cutouts. It does survive an upside down shake test without coming loose.

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updated info for clarification
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8 hours ago, belletrist said:

The case doesn't appear to be as flimsy as others have suggested, with the extra button cutouts. It does survive an upside down shake test without coming loose.

I used it for months and it is alright but it does not compare to higher quality ones:


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Because the fits of most "shell" cases were not as good as I want (mostly the display part laying on the edges so it does not fully close), I tried some "sleeve" cases and wanted to share the Info with you.

WARING: I think the Pro 1 is very slippery so getting it out of the sleeves is a bit fiddly and it might slip out of your hands!

Case #1:

+Tight fit on the beginning. It get wider after some days.

+Has a belt loop for those who are in to this style of carrying it around.

- Could be a little bit deeper, so the corner protection is better in case of a drop.

- Pull out strip was ripped out after one week. I got a replacement for free from seller.



Case #2:

+ Good fit on first day.

+ Pull out it bigger then on case #1 so it easier to get out.

- deeper then the other case but corner have a cut out, so protection not as good as it can be.



If someone wants so have some pictures let me know.


EDIT: Typos

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New update on the IGG-Page:

2) We have been looking into dbrand for Pro1-X skins, as well as an alternative protective casing to the leather pouch that already comes with the phone. There have been a huge number of requests for a protective case & we want to make sure your Pro1-X stays safe!

I personally like dbrand 🙂
(But a real case would be so much better as a skin)

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