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    Hi I'm from Germany, after I had received the stock assignment mail at the 29th of November, I got a UPS tracking number today, with a estimated arrival date of the 19th of December. Backed the moto mod and preordered the Pro1 very early as I thought, but my order number was already >11000... Greetings
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    The bluetooth that had to pair it, remove it, and repair it. Stupidest thing ever. And the wi-fi calling was a custom T-Mobile push that they turned on the feature - apparently it needs to be done for the phone, not just the number.
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    I do have my Pro 1, so these answers are for it. 1) Same as above, I don't want to remove the fingerprints, etc. I assume it's the same as the next case. 2) short press: nothing long press: opens the camera app. Does not take a picture. Does not allow access to any pictures, whether those taken in the current session or a previous session. I have not found any way to customize which app opens when you press the camera button. 3) (long press) launches the camera. No access to earlier photos. 4) it's a multi-stage button. half-press: focuses. full press: takes a picture. These aren't easy to tell by feel. The button is mushy rather than being distinct levels. 5) launches the default camera app 6) Fully powered off? nothing happens. Only the power button turns on the phone. 7) Not that I know of... would like to be able to, though (8) Not that I know of 9) So far, I've mostly used the on-screen button, but that might be habit. The physical button is a bit mushy, as I said before. My preference may change over time. 10) Like you, I'd like it to be customizable, and I'd really prefer the physical button to be more clicky, with two distinct stages, and less mushy.
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    Also scheduled tomorrow here, and I am in luck as far as strikes go :).
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    Tha is both sad (for you) and encouraging (for the Pro1); and also, forgive me, a bit amusing. Before you get mad at me let me explain: I read the whole thread from the beginning just now so it seems the change of heart was almost instant. On the bright side, thank you for spreading the word about the Pro1 and bringing new buyers aboard! By selling it to someone else you have actually expanded the circle of influence that will be reached by your former Pro1, this can only be good for business and we all want Fxtec to succed, don't we?
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    I added a few votes from a few computers at different IPs that I can access...even though I can't vouch for the phone yet since I'm waiting, waiting some more...
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    I have i tracking number! 🙂 It's from UPS, so far just says label created, so UPS has no day scheduled yet but from experience that will be early next week. Can't wait to check out the phone in person!! Very good job to all working on getting the phones out :-).
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    Now you're going to get FxTec disqualified and won't get their free press at CES! You should edit and remove that, I haven't read the rules, but I mean common sense, don't post publicly that you cheated!
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    Thank you for letting us know at the risk of being laughed with, glad to see you are back on board and I sincerely hope it won't take too long before you receive one again :).
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    You got F(x)tec 7 new CLACK-stomers? ALL SINS FORGIVEN! :) Also, we'll likely get ours around the same time. I didn't order until November.
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    I won't be a huge help. - Orderdate Mid-september - Ordernumber 38xxx - IGG coupon: no - Model: QWERTZ - Location: Germany - Day of payment: Start of october (first payment came back to me) - Stock assigned mail: LOL - Trankingnumber? LOL² - Phoine received Trololol
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    The way it worked on the Z2 was that you could only see the pictures you took in the current "session" without unlocking. Seeing earlier pictures required unlocking the phone.
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    Are you sure you paid on June 23? I'm pretty sure payment emails didn't go out until 1st August.
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    I got my tracking number (EU, second batch). Thanks F(x)tec!
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    The typical installation method as described on XDA won't work yet on Pro1, because we don't have a fully working version of TWRP yet. But never fear, it's still easy, five simple steps and you will have the privileges you so rightfully deserve on your own device. 1. Install Magisk Manager App on Phone Download from: https://magiskmanager.com/downloading-magisk-manager or github. After download, install the apk, which will require you to allow the install from "unknown source". 2. Install Android Platform Tools on PC (adb & fastboot) Ubuntu (and presumably debian): sudo apt install adb Windows: https://dl.google.com/android/repository/platform-tools-latest-windows.zip Windows/Mac/Linux: https://developer.android.com/studio/releases/platform-tools Updated Step 3: Obtain patched boot.img on PC Obtain boot.img corresponding to your current software version. 2020-01-06 and earlier can be found in here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EHlG9ZWNMimAN55yKDvMUUE_ow-FDznG?usp=sharing Attach PC to Phone visa USB Cable as described in Step 4, then move the clean copy of boot.img to your phone (I used download folder). Using the Magisk Manager app on your phone, select 'Install Magisk' to patch the file you just moved. Finally, transfer the newly created magisk patched img to your PC. 3. Obtain patched boot.img on PC Download: https://www76.zippyshare.com/v/d3Sf2iex/file.html -OR- if you prefer to make it yourself or if my link goes stale, extract boot.img from the stock flashall and transfer it to phone (I used download folder), then use Magisk Manager to patch it, then transfer the patched version back to PC (and delete the boot.img you put on phone as its no longer needed there). 4. Connect Phone to PC with USB Cable After connecting, you'll see a notification on phone about usb charging mode. Tap that and change it to file transfer, and give permission to the computer if prompted. 5. Flash Modified Boot image From PC command prompt, with adb & fastboot in your path or present working directory, execute the following four commands (example follows below): adb devices //this command should return your internal serial number as device; if not, you cannot proceed adb reboot bootloader //then wait while your phone reboots to bootloader fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img //of course specify full path to magisk_patched.img if its not in pwd fastboot reboot //all done example under ubuntu: $ adb devices List of devices attached de3778ff device $ adb reboot bootloader $ fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img target reported max download size of 536870912 bytes sending 'boot_b' (22080 KB)... OKAY [ 0.870s] writing 'boot_b'... OKAY [ 0.193s] finished. total time: 1.063s $ fastboot reboot rebooting... finished. total time: 0.151s 6. Profit What you do now is up to you. Any app (including su from a shell) that requests root privileges will generate a popup asking you to permit/deny root. I recommend using Magisk Manager to install the systemless hosts module (to support Adaway) and if you use Youtube, use Magisk Manger to to download Youtube Vanced (which requires uninstalling all Youtube updates and disabling further auto-updates to it in Google Play). Then of course install Adaway from f-droid. Notes - I did this on my device with the 10December2019 software update installed. Have not confirmed I can still accept OTA. Passes Safetynet. Minimal Ads. Credit to LinkAndZelda for first applying and describing this method for Pro1. Edit: if anyone follows this step by step, let me know if I missed anything or should add more detail to anything not clear for newbies.
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    Hi All, I am no longer the proud owner of a Pro1; Chris is. The LTE issue seems to be resolved. Although the indicator does not show "LTE" the benchmarks show that it is receiving the proper signal. Bluetooth Non-issue for Chris. I apparently just have the wrong car. Keyboard Works just fine. The virtual keyboard is no longer appearing when the physical one is deployed. Wifi Calling Still a no-go, but a non-issue for the new owner. Camera Amazing! I am going to miss that. Thank you to all who reached out to me to purchase it, but I had to go with a local buyer who was willing to come out to me and pay cash. Best of luck to all of you on your phones. I hope you enjoy them!
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    we should protest against this madness!
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    We're a compassionate bunch generally. The only forum member I know who is a bit mean-spirited doesn't come around that often.
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    Better late than never. I bet they will have a small wave of people ordering as we are showing it around. i have had a few friends interested too.
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    It seems pretty clear to me that, for now, future shipments will go straight to customer from Hong Kong, regardless where on Earth said customer has it delivered. The part about that that is unclear to me, is if that applies to the 3rd batch that will be assigned shortly? I'm guessing yes, cuz we only know about that cuz of Erik's pre-announcement... For the 2nd batch, shipping from HK only applied outside Europe, confirmed by 2nd batch Europeans who received tracking info originating in UK, and are presently awaiting delivery this week (and outside Europe, reported deliveries in Japan & USA originating from Hong Kong last week). And it would have been nice for them to guess when the 4th batch might get assigned... just so people know if there's any chance of getting them by Christmas, etc if they don't get assigned third batch. And it would have been nice to know if all the rest of IGG backers will be in 3rd batch, or still some leftover for fourth. Of course we'll probably figure that out ourselves once 3rd batch assigned... I know I know I already have mine... but I'm anxious for others to get them too, to join me in this experience... (and of course help figure stuff out that I haven't yet, like how to get the clock to the right right of status bar, and for someone to try US Sprint, etc etc).
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    @EskeRahn Oh no not good news here , I'm so sorry for your loss! 😢
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    What was the fix for your car BT issue? And did they get wifi calling working? And better safe than sorry, so don't feel bad.
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    Which I don't understand is the third batch had to be already sent to UK warehouse and they told us stock assignment e-mails will arrive soon. Now, if I understand well, they will also ship these devices directly from China to EU. So, does mentioned third batch exists or parctically no shipments happened since the last e-mail mentioning the light leak issue? In other words, is there any chance for Pro1 to arrive this year for those who still not received stock assignment e-mails yet? However, I think no - and last deadline is end of January...
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    Elegant solution! Hope they can replicate that.
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    Seems you've found the details; do you know when they they announce the ten finalists? If it's based purely on popular vote, seems we're almost surely moving to the next round....
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    From the "2019/12/12" date written on the stickers in the picture with the boxes, I'd say those are on time to be batch four, but are more likely batch three that left the factory one week/batch late (if they've left already). Edit: From replies I've gotten on the Discord: BOE are screens, so those boxes do not contain Pro1s.
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    Currently at 229 votes, and no3 at 281, no 4 at 235...
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    I'm also 47xx but paid a few hours after getting the email. Based in the US. No stock confirmed yet. They should ship out to #Team47xx ASAP. We're the best xx.
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    How many, in hundreds or in thousands? 😄 Made mine last week!
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    I've already requested a refund last week, so that one lucky fella will receive their device earlier 🙂 I must admit, it has freed me from having to come to this forum to look for news about the batches (which I did daily). I could have been next in line, who knows, but I rather just order in 2020 when everything settles down and get it shipped the next day. I told myself (and here) that I would request a refund in mid December, and I followed through it, because of upcoming holidays that will just put everything on hold for weeks.
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    I think it's extremely likely that the delays and multiple other issues are caused by third parties, but I don't really care. I'm not doing business with those third parties, I'm buying from F(x)tec. And if they say something that doesn't pan out because of third parties, they still broke a promise. It's up to them then to deal with the third parties however they wish, but that doesn't change the fact that they broke a promise in that situation. It's up to them to use third parties they can trust, if they don't then they're still accountable for errors that those third parties produce. And a promise that doesn't pan out because of errors is still a broken promise, just so you know.
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    What it comes down to - for perhaps the other half of us - is: Having absolutely no idea of how 'little' the longer might be? So, @eric posted a couple of interesting pictures; sorry, but that doesn't tell us anything definite or realistic about shipping time. I, too, have been in email contact directly with support. The only genuinely believable thing they replied with was, "We don't know the exact shipping date for each order as batches are coming in varying sizes" So after weeks upon months of production, & multiple different excuses for delay after delay - it's getting to the point, sad to say, where I no longer believe much of what I hear from f(x)tec at all 🙁
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    I wish it was only a few weeks, I would've been using the phone for months already then!
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    that's very generous of you, but you shouldn't generalize. Just because people will wait calmly for their devices doesn't mean they want to let pass other people in the queue. It could help to calm down some screamers, but I think the effect on the others would lead to a worse feeling, at least if they didn't accept that explicitly. For example myself nearly never starts to scream, because I think it's worthless and it doesn't make sense to needle someone every week. But if I feel it's enough I just will take actions.
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    No... If or when the production and delivery issues are sorted, I'm likely to buy then. The reason I sent the message to support is to give them the option to fix the issue or issue a refund before I have to request a chargeback... I'd much rather have the phone, but, on 31DEC, 153 days of my 180 day chargeback time will have passed. I'm not willing to let that protection go... I've run my own IT business since the 90's. Built custom hardware and I've never repeatedly blown deadlines like this. I will admit I've never done mass production overseas, however, I have contracted small runs stateside... Without these issues. I've also had to meet construction deadlines for towers and other communication systems... I've missed by a day or two... Or even a week... Not by a month or a quarter! And, being forced back from Android 8 to 5.1 is a major issue as most of my remote network tools won't work on 5.1! --
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    I have indeed complained. Was skeptical before about the shift, and annoyed about lack of slash key even before I received it. Now that i've got it, I'm already imaging how it should have been layed out, and don't see the need for shifted layout at all. Basically unshift it, get rid of the slant arrows, add a slash key down bottom, make the sym key work as alt-gr (for us intl, and of course they need to allow us to select other layouts besides 'default'), swap del and backspace, make esc key work as esc, and make number row in combination with Fx key do F1-F12. Also don't need capslock key, shift-shift should do that (if sticky shift was working...). I would even mind if the US intl character set was also printed on the keys, but as I only type english, I've already memorized the ones I use regularly, and when I find another one I need it's usually my first guess... like when I wanted the superscript 1 for Pro¹ it happend to be altgr-1. But I'm just as happy with it not printed, cuz probably not everyone's gunna use us-intl anyway, although I think it should be the default personally. By my count, that's 61 keys in standard us international as pictured. Remove Win keys, add Fx key, add Esc & del, and add the 4 directional arrows = 66; exactly the same as we have now; can remove capslock if desired.
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    That's my biggest issue with what you're saying. You're implying there's no way they'll not deliver, which just isn't 100% confirmed. You can argue about how likely it is, but you can't argue that a startup has no chance of going bankrupt. Again, that information is unreliable at best. Might as well do the math and just make some numbers up in my opinion. There are definitely broken promises here yeah, which probably feel very similar as lies to the people on the receiving end. Personally I also don't really believe they truly believed some of the things they have said (like only finding out the second batch would be smaller a couple of days before shipping), but there's no proof of it. So personally I'd think they're liars, but again, no proof so I don't want to just throw that around. Also just generally, people might just want the device still but still be sick of waiting or be extremely done with the company behind the device. I'm definitely sick of waiting, but I will still wait just because I want the device. I have accepted that I probably won't have the device this year, but that doesn't mean I'm not sick of waiting.
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    100% not. To do so you need a good organized Database and a well planed shipping logistic. The problem should be the QWERTZ and QWERTY difference, too. If you pack a complete batch (nobody knows how much devices is one btach, maybe only 100 Phones) you send QWERTY to USA. It is not possible to follow the correct order - or paysituation. But for everybody here I think we will get the phones and that is the only important thing. You can count it...maybe 15K Phones are ordered and paied. Take 600 Euros as a good middle balance you get 9 Millions. This is the best basic that the payment is not lost in space, all will get the phones, because enough money is in the box. FX Tech are more Nerd's than business people, that is why we will maybe love this device. You can root it...Lineage or Sailfish and at some Stage there are Phones in Stock and FX Tech can do what they like to do. Bugfixing and tech experience. 😉
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    To be honest, looking how the things go in the last weeks (and their communication after this bit of information), I'm not really sure about those 10-20% anymore. If you were lied one time, you won't believe it the second time. I don't think we were lied actively, at least not with bad will. But we were misinformed many times and this hasn't changed yet. The last time they said that the second batch will be sent out on mid-november. Then it was the 20th november and it was actually sent nine days later. Almost nobody got his device yet. The support also still talks about Christmas for general availability, although we all know that won't be possible. I will wait. I don't urgently need it and I don't need the money either. I don't care about a better processor launched since then. The only thing I ask you is to have empathy with those who actually need it and those who are done with waiting. There's absolutely no legitimation of telling them to stop complaining. The communication is still bad and we are objectively still treated as trash and an improvement is not to be expected soon.
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    Same for me. :> It may take longer because of strikes in my country though.
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    This is my puppy. She even fetches for me. She's the nicest puppy ever - never eats my shoes or socks...
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    Sorry to say i just canceled my order after i got the december update from Fx. The possible delivery of "end of January" and speak of QWERTZ European layouts and i'm using QWERTY as most Dutch do (i think), and any QWERTY being assigned to US shipments backlog, this delivery date is not an option anymore. I'm not following the forum that much but a really don't have any crunch at Fx Tec other then an phone that, although with a great keyboard, is aging fast with the choice of other hardware components. With the price drops on other premium phones continuing every month, the price i paid is no longer cutting it compared to others. No bad words about anything else, just my illusion shattered.
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    One can have no doubt based on an assumption about meaning when the original statement was not clear on said meaning. However, I could have been more clear and simply said "I assume" which would have been more accurate.
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    UK based, #18xxx and paid on June 23. Still no stock assignment yet 😞 The wait continues
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    Thanks for all the kind words. He was healthy without the slightest troubles until a week after he became ten two months ago. It has been a horrible day, but he leaves a tonne of good memories. I grew up lietrally with dogs by the cradle, and have known many many dogs throughout my live. This one that I 'inherited' young was the best I ever met (and most he met said the same). I knew him from he was a tiny puppy, and the fun thing was that he always wanted to be my dog, over the owner that is my friend. So when his family situation led to him not being able to have a dog, it was natural to finally let the dog have its way, despite I did not want to have a dog. I simply could not say no to 'the perfect dog'...
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    This mornings sunrise over the mist and one of the last photos of my gorgeous dog, that I had to put down due to nasal cancer a few hours ago. Ten good years. (Reduced to get below the limit)
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