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    • Lineage recovery works just fine for AICP.  Never tried recovery for 19 but I don't think that AICP being still Android 11 while 19 is 12 matters for using the recovery.  I don't truly know the risks of not patching.  Anyone still using stock Android on the Pro1 hasn't been patched in 2 years, IIRC. There is someone here who is unofficially maintaining Lineage OS 16, keeping it patched every couple of months (He runs it Google-free, but no reason you can't add Gapps). Scroll back for previous discussion. You can follow his link here for the latest update: http://findus.zwergenschaenke.net/~puma/linux.html#lineagepro1   Just FYI.  I haven't used, so I can't endorse, although I think @claude0001 is a valuable contributor here, so I would have no qualms if I wanted to use Android 9.
    • They have just wrote an update here:  
    • LOS19.1 is definitely not for me. I can't live with the 'no access' security from google rules. I plan to give AICP a try, what sould I use for recovery image ? This is not clear for me, if I understand correctly I should just abd sideload the last nightly and it's ok ? Is it so dramatic using an old LOS without security updates ?
    • I am selling my pro1. It is a qwertz device, not rooted. I used only stock android. I always kept it in a protection sleeve (see picture). I would send you the sleeve as well if interested. I have the original charger as well as a spare one if you are interested. I still have the original box. You are buying here a tested device! Everything is working fine. No heating finger sensor, no problem with the battery. I did not have the ghost touch issue. I have been using the device since July 2020. I never broke or replaced the screen. I have ordered a replacement screen with frame during the indigogo campaign (to be able to change it by myself without delay and hassle). If I ever receive it, it will part of the package. To have a better grip, I added stickers on the sides of the phone (an excellent tip of @Hook). See pictures. Please send me a private message if interested.      
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