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  1. I'm in the US on Verizon also, so I am curious as well. I believe it has the right bands. The key with Verizon, as I understand it, is to get them to allow a strange off-brand phone onto their network. I do pre-pay only, and only have experience with bringing them an unlocked Nexus 6p. That was a phone I believe they had sold themselves although I didn't get mine from them. So, I doubt we can answer this until we get there. In my case, if they refuse, I will just walk down the street and do AT&T prepay. I know they work well as I used to use them. I went to Verizon because my wife
  2. Haha. That's the beauty of the Zerolemon case-- no duct tape involved and I don't mind thick phones. 8500 mAh. As long as the 6ps inner battery doesn't get over-cooked and decide to balloon, I should make it. ;-)
  3. Yeah, my Nexus 6p battery is almost useless, barely holds a charge. luckily it has life support, a zerolemon battery case that manages to keep it going. It's really too bad, because in many respects the phone still works fine. If only it weren't so damnably hard to open. A significant delay would force me to consider one of two plan Bs. Either ask a shop to attempt the battery replacement or get a mid-range moto phone in the meantime that will become a backup phone. Either one essentially drives up the price of the Pro1, so I'm really hoping for not having a long delay. ;-) But I un
  4. However, orders could go live before that. Remember, on the pre-order page it says: For payment, we will not be asking for any payment details until 2-3 weeks prior to shipping. Hope they decide to clue us folks on pre-order in soon.
  5. On the Facebook posting it says: Launch offer of free case and headphones with every order of a Pro1 smartphone finishes this weekend - order your Pro1 now www.fxtec.com/pro1 So it sounds like something is about to happen. However, there appears on that post with no further context: "Expires JUL 14, 2019" That's not "this week-end" so what expires on Jul 14th? ;-)
  6. I am sooo in the "shut up and take my money" box. It's almost pitiful. The wait is killing me now even though I also want them to not rush and get it right. :-D
  7. Obviously it will be good to get an official answer, but I can't believe they would advertise an unlockable bootloader and Sailfish comparability as features if rooting was going to void the warranty.
  8. Thanks to whomever split this thread off. Might even deserve (Rooting) it's own Forum topic after the Pro1 comes out.
  9. I agree, I will probably not go to an alternative rom, unless F(x) Tec can no longer update but a F(x) Tec blessed version of Lineage can (I still get updates on my 0ver 4 year old Samsung Tab S via Lineage). Frankly, if the Pro1's Android is vanilla enough and they don't install endless Google bloat as system apps, I might even avoid root for a while. I'm going to have to relearn rooting anyway. I was spoiled by owning several Nexus models and being able to use Nexus Root Toolkit (still works on my Nexus 6p, just have to manually download source files as the toolkit is currently abandonwar
  10. My Nexus 6p is rooted and with an alternative ROM. It would be good to know what apps you are talking about. The only app I've ever had problems with is Netflix and that is easily solved by installing an older version which I keep the apk for and reinstall whenever I slip up and let an update through. Netflix never objects to the older program being used. I am still using Oreo (Dirty Unicorns ROM version 12), so I have no experience to know if anything is different in Pie. Could be just I happen to use only apps that don't care, so would be good to know what apps you are concerned about. I
  11. All the initial feedback is on Liangchen's twitter feed. Curiously, nothing on F(x) Tec's social media. I hope someone from here who attended comes by and gives a detailed account.
  12. I agree about the case just from the perspective that a universal item like ear buds are not that important, you can always get them, but a niche phone is going to have trouble attracting case manufacturers and so a case of some quality is of real value.
  13. Hook


    I didn't think it would be browser dependent, but just to be sure I installed Vivaldi. No difference. But thanks.
  14. Hook


    Same as netman here. But thanks for trying.
  15. Hook


    Yup. Exactly, that's the problem. No option shows up anywhere. OK. Not a big deal. ;-)
  16. Hook


    This is really trivial and more to other posters here, not worth the time of the f(x) Tech folks. I notice some folks have avatar pics on their posts while I have just the faceless default. I'd love to add a simple pic, just for some personality, but I can't find any control to do so. Is this no longer an option or did I miss the control for it? TIA
  17. I'm always surprised by all these comments that the screen is too big, but I guess I must have big hands because my complaints with most HW keyboards is that they are too small (my thumbs are about 76.2 mm in length). I also want big screens. I have a Nexus 6p now and would certainly not want to ever go to anything smaller. Even with a massive battery case it fits fine in my front left pants pocket which is where I've carried all my handhelds since my Palm TX. I always dial down to the smallest resolution to maximize screen real estate. I'm 66 and my eyesight isn't what it was but I refuse
  18. This video also mentioned selling through Amazon, towards the end of the review: No way to verify if that's true or not, but interesting.
  19. @Waxberry Any chance of getting an answer to this?
  20. Yikes, that is concerning. Yes, I am interested in a keyboard phone because I want to be more productive, but when I occasionally watch some Netflix on it, I would like to get full HD. I appreciate you might not have the answer, but could it be just because it is a pre-production test model?
  21. The pre-order page offers a case with all fulfilled pre-orders, though I have not seen a specification of what type of case it will be or what materials.
  22. Thank you so much! This has been fixed. :-)
  23. I'm not sure I understand your concern. I'm assuming that's the back of the phone,not the back of the slider keyboard as I can't imagine the camera would be in the keyboard. Therefore, this is what pops up, not the surface the phone would sit on when used laptop style. Or am I missing something (a hypothesis that always needs strong consideration with me ;-) )?
  24. I subscribed to the newsletter in the latter part of March and then registered when I pre-ordered in mid April. I have no notifications option under "My Account" but I received both April newsletters. Leads me to think the missing newsletters problem isn't tied to whether you have the notifications option or not.
  25. Hi, @Waxberry I'm wondering if the folks there have had a chance to look into this. Should I send a copy of the original email I have acknowledging the coupon code to [email protected]? Thanks.
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