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Got Your Pro1, Tracking Number or "Stock Assigned" message? POST HERE!

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Okay, now I get why the local Fedex representative scheduled the delivery for 4th of February. It was finely tuned - the package arrived on 27-th, they contacted me on 29-th?, I've sent the documents couple of hours later, they contacted me that I need to pay VAT on 31-st?. I wrote them "Okay, I know that VAT was included as noted in the order and the company is registered in UK, but if you insist, I'll contact them to reimburse me.". One hour later they wrote that everything is in order and VAT is not required. The package was released from Customs on 3-rd and the delivery was on 4-th of February. Lost time taken into account beforehand and exact to the day! 🙂🤔😥 Still better than the previous local Fedex representative...

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I GOT A TRACKING NUMBER!!!! 🤩 Email came though 2 hours ago but I just saw it now.  According to Fedex tracking, it's shipping from HK and should arrive 20/11.  Only problem is I've been procrastinati

"Good news! We have now assigned the stock for your Pro1 order." :-D. It's happening guys! I'm shaky from excitement, so happy.

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3 hours ago, Adrienspawn said:

I asked for a refund a few weeks ago.

Had no idea what this mysterious Fedex package from China was until now.

Had to pay 70.14$ at the door here in Montreal 😕 


I can see that your order hasn't been refunded yet. If you still wish to get a refund, and the device is with you, please don't unseal it, PM me and I'll arrange a refund / return ASAP.

We've had a few cases of devices being shipped by the time we could handle the refund requests. This is just to avoid further confusion.

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Mine's arrived from Clove, only ordered 12 days ago.  (It would've arrived three days if it hadn't been for the weird inability for the UPS delivery person to find the building.)


Anyway, I'm happy with it so far.  There's a lot of niggles I need to sort out, but so far so good.  👍

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5 hours ago, zetalight said:

Lucky. I ordered mine back on Dec 5th and I'm still in "Processing". My current phone isn't gonna make it much longer 😞

Good luck - I hope it arrives soon.  🤞


You ordered it direct from FXTec     (I haven't yet found out what magic key combo produces a question mark...  🤦‍♂️😄)

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I am typing this on my Pro1!  I opened it yesterday, and here are my first impressions:


First, the main selling point.  The keyboard feels good, though it's most comfortable when standing, sitting in a chair or laying on my back in bed.  Not on my side.  It's like having a mini laptop!  Sub-netbook?  Sub-Chromebook, since it comes with an OS from Google?🤔


I moved my SIM card from my Moto Z Play (used 2016-2020) to my you-know-what.  At first it didn't work, but removing the card and putting it back did the trick.

Setting it up was easy.  I also turned on eye care mode as an "OLED care mode".  Blue ages the fastest on OLED screens, as internet knowledge and the (mostly black) bottom bar burnt into my 3.3 year old Z Play's screen can tell you.


It looks to have two lenses.  Is it possible to switch between them like flagship smartphones can?

The camera's video quality is average.  I was looking through the camera's settings to see if I could up the video's framerate from 30, preferably to 60.  No such options emerged.  I tried downloading Open Camera to force 60fps, and the result still looked like 30.  So I decided to see how much rolling shutter it has, and it's extreme (like unfancy smartphone cameras are).  No 60fps here.  Instead, I will use a video camera as a video camera.  At least a landscape slider encourages more horizontal internet video? 🤔


I find it nice that there are three speakers.  One for phone calls, two stereo speakers on the side.  Kinda like the HTC One M8 (I used from 2014-16) or the JBL speaker mod!  It also has a headphones jack in case I want higher quality sound and/or larger speakers!


The charger seems fancier than normal!  It comes with a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 AC to DC converter, even with US, UK and EU plugs!  Definitely more convenient than Moto's proprietary Turbopower system.

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Serial Number #344
Ship Date: January 21st
Delivery Date: February 18th

Customs had their great time with it. Unsealed, taken out of the plastic bag and not put back in and full of fingerprints.
However, it's totally fine apart from that. Well, physically. Haven't turned it on yet.

Of course I did turn it by now but further posts were moved elsewhere. Nothing atypical. Everything is running as fine as it can in the current software state!

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My order still says "Processing." I ordered the Pro1 December 4, 2019. I can appreciate the COVID-19 challenge for FxTec, but they continue to advertise a timely response for people who order the phone today. This is simply not true.

For the past 4 weeks, I've received emails from FxTec telling me that they will be getting out their orders next week. I'm thinking that because it is almost Friday, I'm likely to get the same message again.

I wonder what the support is like if your Pro1 has problems? I'm not having good feelings here.

Dr. Luke Queen




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3 hours ago, Luke said:

I wonder what the support is like if your Pro1 has problems? I'm not having good feelings here

While I agree FxTec perhaps shouldn't have been publicly promising, and shouldn't continue to promise even today, 4-6 weeks delivery time for regular orders while even pre-orders were (are) still being processed, and while I perfectly understand your disappointment about the substantial delay (I'm still waiting for my device as well, ordered on September, 20), the quality of support isn't really a matter of someone's feelings... As far as I can see, most of the few serious issues (i.e. more serious than the software issues which everyone is facing and which we all hope will be fixed by a future firmware update) people in this forum had reported with individual devices have been solved to their satisfaction.

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Good news! We have now assigned the stock for your Pro1 order. The product is on its way from the factory to the regional fulfilment warehouse with customs clearance to follow. We will email you anytime by the end of the coming week with the courier tracking details.

It's happening!

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