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Got Your Pro1, Tracking Number or "Stock Assigned" message? POST HERE!

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I GOT A TRACKING NUMBER!!!! 🤩 Email came though 2 hours ago but I just saw it now.  According to Fedex tracking, it's shipping from HK and should arrive 20/11.  Only problem is I've been procrastinati

"Good news! We have now assigned the stock for your Pro1 order." :-D. It's happening guys! I'm shaky from excitement, so happy.

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WooHoo.  finally.  after my nokia 6.1 kept turning off and on randomly, i decided to buy the Pro1 on august 31st.  after waiting so long, and my nokia kept being garbage, i had to order a Nokia N9 off of ebay.  Just few days ago, that phone wont turn on or charge.  (maybe battery?)  

order number 341xx

united states


this hope of an assigned stock and ship date by friday gave me hope that this year might turn out better.


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Received tracking number for #54XXX, QWERTZ, paid May 7th 2020. Yay!*

*Feeling confused? Just poking fun. This was a replacement order for my phone that got lost in transit to Fx for a repair back in February. They've been nice enough to let me skip the queue on it, but it still took a while as you can see.


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Tracking info came!


I can't describe how giddy this made me. Now all I have to do is navigate the Brazilian Customs hell, get ready to have my wallet wiped clean by the government, and the phone will be mine. haha

EDIT: Oh, by the way. Sender is said by Fedex tracking to be EXPANSYS. Does anyone else have this same info on their tracking notice?

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I received mine today. After being stuck with Fedex, not moving for a week, I did what the internet suggested and asked to have the shipper poke them about it with a pointy stick. It worked.

Now all I need to do is learn what tweaks/apps/whatnot are recommended, and/or how to install Lineage OS

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Got mine lunchtime today - not dared open it yet, thinking of doing an unboxing video. The ones I've seen so far seem to utterly miss the point...

Delivered: 20-Aug-2020

Serial Number: 0019**

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