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    Hi All, Let me pre-fix this comment with saying that I have been a member of this forum since February 27, and since my first comment from that date, have been a silent lurker of these forums, as I felt I have nothing new to add. I am however, becoming more and more frustrated by the day, and having had conversations with the support team, have to agree with @glumreaper that they are doing the best that they can but the communication from others at the company is not forthcoming to them, or accurate. I was also advised by the support team not to share any of the information they have provided to me over the past couple of weeks but feel that now is the time that I must, if only so that there is some kind of understanding among members about what is going on. They did not want me to do this since they believe this will cause more questions and I have to agree with them, but it is simply not acceptable for @Waxberry along with his colleagues to keep both members of this forum and presumably their own support team in the dark about the status of the orders. For reference, the information about my ordering history is as follows: Order #11XXX Pre-Ordered 4 April 2019 UK Delivery QWERTY IGG backer (coupon applied) Pre-order become available to pay: 1 August 2019 12:41 Pre-order paid: 1 August 2019 22:43 I will try to summarise the email thread with support, providing dates with no missing information from what I have been given. 30 October - notified by the support team after enquiring about the status of my order that: "While we don't usually mention this, as the first batch is relatively small, the stock for your order has been delegated already and is in transit to our warehouse." 5 November - after chasing up to find out what was happening with my order, I am told: "Your order is definitely going to ship with the second batch, which is due to arrive in mid-November. Realistically, your order will deliver by the end of this month." 6 November - after asking for clarification on why this response was not in line with 30 October, the response is: "Apologies your order wasn't shipped with the first batch. We expected to have larger quantity, but unfortunately some of the devices we received did not pass Q/C. We've had to get a new screen supplier midway through the first batch, hence the more limited number of devices produced. Now that this issue is resolved, you will be amongst the first of the second batch to have their device shipped." 25 November - having chased again given the information provided that my order would "definitely" be shipping in the second batch and that it was "due to arrive in mid-November", I was told the following: "We are currently still shipping our earlier Pro1 pre-orders. We know this was delayed longer than it should have been, and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Realistically, your tracking details will be sent to you anytime before the 20th of December, as we plan to have 1-day shipping before Christmas, so we will have all pre-orders complete in time for the Christmas holidays." 26 November - after responding to the above, asking what had happened in such a short space of time between being told I would be "amongst the first of the second batch" on 6 November and them not shipping in mid-November, I was informed: "Actually, yes, your order is definitely coming with the batch due to leave the factory this week. "anytime before the 20th of December" does not necessarily mean that your order will arrive on the 20th. Based on previous delays with customs and history, we think your device should be in your hands before the 10th of December." 2 December - having seen a number of members on this forum receive stock allocation emails, including those who are non-IGG backers such as @netman, @anonim001and @Doktor Oswaldo and not having received one myself, despite being told only six days earlier that I'd be included in the batch leaving last week, I contacted support again to ask about my order. The response: "Your device is expected to ship by the 13th of December. If you don't receive an update by then, please email us, so we can tell you where the stock is." 3 December - again, after asking for clarification due to the misinformation previously and how within a few days a device that was "definitely" due to leave the factory was now not going to be (bear in mind that I had now been told "definitely" twice!) I was told this: "As you might be aware, our second batch is compensating for the 1st batch of US orders which are still stuck in a US customs office, therefore some orders were pushed slightly further. With this, however, we’d really like to stop giving a name to each batch, as we are now receiving new batches every week. The only definitive information that we have was already provided to you in my previous response. The 3rd batch is going out next week, and your order will be included with it." 3 December - on claims that non-IGG backers were receiving their stock allocations ahead of IGG backers, I was told: "You are indeed being prioritised over others, we have not shipped non-IG orders so far. If that has happened, it would be a mistake on our side and it would account for less than 1% of all of our shipped orders." I've also challenged the explanation for the delay being because of the US customs issue since @Erik had already explained this on 26 November so this was known before the reply to me on 26 November stating that my device would be in the batch leaving last week. I made the recommendation that the company make greater effort to engage with this community since there is a lot of discourse primarily due to the lack of transparency and clarity, along with the constant misinformation and mistruths being emailed out to customers - to the point that some customers feel their only option is to cancel their order. The response I got: "We are trying to be as transparent with you as possible, but each time we make an announcement, we are given new questions, question to which our support team does not have answers, and we are yet again accused of the same crime - not being transparent enough. To minimise the false speculations, we have provided you with our internal deadline and that is the only definitive information we have." I know this is a long response and some people may not take the time to read it, but it clearly documents the lack of information or completely false information that is being fed to the support team, leading to the frustration that @glumreaper mentioned previously, and the frustration of members of this forum and presumably customers who are not members of this forum. I have been a vocal supporter of this company outside of this forum to people in my life but they are doing themselves no favours in gaining or keeping support from the community, who if anything you would expect to be the most supportive, given the time they spend checking and responding to posts in this forum. I sincerely hope that @Waxberry and @Erik see this and reflect on what has been a woeful set of messages sent out to a customer who by and large has been very patient given the obvious technical difficulties that have occurred during the manufacturing process (to which I have no complaints). This is all about expectation and keeping members / customers in the loop and certainly not stating that somebody will "definitely" be included in a batch, twice. P.S. @netman, @anonim001 and @Doktor Oswaldo please do not take this personally but I am very upset that you've received stock allocation ahead of IGG backers! I am amazed at how something as simple as sorting an orders list first by IGG backers and then payment date can be so difficult to achieve in this day and age. Again, apologies for the rather long comment but I felt that you all deserved to know what kind of messages have been sent out, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, and I am sure that the support team are doing the best that they can with the information (or lack there of!) they are being given.
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    I got a stock assigned mail on friday, despite having cancelled weeks ago (and gotten my refund). Lol. I contacted support (since I'm not an asshole), and now my order is finally marked as cancelled (today). So pretty sure this means that someone will get a stock assigned email today!
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    Quick update: I found the issue with vbmeta. Unfortunately, it looks like fixing it will take another day or two. I'm going to go ahead and (try to) switch lineage to FBE for the next build so that we can ditch FDE without looking back. I also started work on plumbing in make shift mac addrs for WiFi and BT. Neither fxtec nor the OEM seem to have valid OUI blocks assigned so I'm going to steal an unassigned block. Finally, I am in the process of building a full factory package. Once that is complete, we can have a discussion about custom partitioning.
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    The problem is that it would be a administrative nightmare to handle different grades of quality. How should they make them distinguishable? How to avoid that reviews were never confused? How should they price them? And on repairs, should you then be charged if what ever made it second grade was fixed as a side effect of the repair? And I guess many more questions would arise.... You can do stuff like that in a small closed group, like the preproduction unit I tested, that had several known bugs, e.g. some antennas not implemented, But it should never be sold as a real unit even with a discount, as it iw would have the effect that people might think it is the model and not the specimen that is bad..
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    People really shouldn't be coy about the lack of discrepancy between the company's hopeful wishes and what they present to customers as timeframes. At best it's unintentionally ignorant, at worst deceitful, and it's possible precisely because they have little to lose by way of cancellations and refunds. So no, most of us won't be punishing them for 6 months of interest, because the cost of re-acquiring it at a higher price comes to the same. But that doesn't mean we have to shut up about it either. A little tough love goes a long way and hopefully they can be more transparent.
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    Lots of good information in this post. Let's recap: 1) They got in over their heads and are struggling to recover as quickly as possible 2) They were hoping to get your phone in your hands by December 10th (doubtful, but possible) 3) They adjusted the time to: expected to ship by December 13th Ok, so sounds to me like you are on track to receive a phone sometime this month or next month. As I see it, all is well for a startup trying to pull off a feat as incredible as the one they have tackled.
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    A fresh one has landed!
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    Forget compensation or even the Pro1, if you know of an interest savings account paying 7% we're all going to be rich! Please tell us where we can get this? 🦄
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    This was an idea from @Tim6263 I personally will not be seeking a refund since there is no other device out there that compares to the Pro1's design, so I'm sticking with it.
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    Just get another phone now and the see later what i do regarding the Pro1. This is more of a principal issue for me at this point. This Pro1 is a "nice to have" not a "need to have" so since i only really have negatives to think about the whole project, ill just walk away.
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    There indeed should be a "hell no" option. I need the phone, will never cancel, not even if it takes them years. Nobody else is doing this, it's a challenging endeavor, they need all the support they can get and personally I really wish they succeed :).
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    Well @dt.white Thank you. it may sound silly but its great to see the journey you are taking on getting this phone and in all fairness you have received better information than most of us. I too am in the UK yet not an IGG backer so appreciate I may be 'back of the line' however like you mentioned it is more a case of honesty. When it comes to screens and leakage etc I recall emails going out about this back in September time (I think) where we would receive updates from the team. For me it is very simple, Honesty, this is all we have been waiting on and I know 100% i want this phone. But... having to see the social media advertisements and the reviews from tech influencers is a bit hurtful as those of us who had to save to buy the phone are being forgotten (at least this is how it feels) We all would love to see this phone in our hands at Christmas but the painful reality is that this may not true for most of us. I get that its just a phone and we are not talking about a 'Sophie's Choice' here as we have the option to request refunds but I really do want this company to succeed. If we all start asking for refunds prior to the phone even making it to the people who pre-ordered we run the risk of making a dent in such a new business and that would be so bad for A) the ones who have a phone now and B) for the possibly for a Pro 2 etc. I am just sending letters to Santa begging him to get me the hook up (even if he gotta rob it from somewhere on his rounds on Xmas eve). 🙂
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    Thank you for that comprehensive and well-written account. I really do sympathise with the FXtec support team. It sounds like they're also suffering from poor communication. Hopefully some clarity will be provided soon.
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    Well you know "Don't wake a sleeping bear". IMHO suggesting people a new Christmas wallpaper for a device most had expected to have long before Christmas, is not the most clever idea..... There are replies along these lines, so I'm not alone in combining the two.
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    You are right, but having an order number of the #116XX range and paying two minutes after receiving payment request and also being an IGG backer but not receiving stock assignment mail is a bit strange. Maybe it is related to the QWERTZ order but earlier they also said QWERTZ orders may also arrive earlier because of the relatively low amount. If all assignment mails have been sent out by this time, then it means I am not even in the second batch like also some others who wrote about also being IGG backers and QWERTZ orders. Also if the mentioned light leakage problem is affected mostly QWERTZ orders, then why they have missed mentioning it in update mail? I am refreshing this website several times a day for weeks now especially in the last few days because earlier they said all IGG backers will receive their phones from 2nd batch and I really would like to own this phone, thus, waiting a stock assignment mail without any luck and not even mentioned a word to not be myself a fool is highly frustrating. We never ever knew important information about shipment, possible problems, amounts, nothing which we may rely on just some expectations without knowing best/worst case scenarios and revealed problems just in the very last time or even after it. I am a highly patient person to the extremes and I rarely writing nervous comments but I feel... I don't know what I feel... ...I am waiting since years for a phone with keyboard and backing since almost three years now - not waiting is my main problem. I know there are problems everywhere and if one problem has solved then another appears but being open and communicate these problems to customers is worth the effort. Maybe it isn't true if we are speaking about casual customers, but highly technical customers will understand these problems. So, currently I really don't know what to expect, which part of predictions are how accurate can be, etc. I don't even know if I may expect arrival of Pro1 before Christmas although that is the season when I may have much more time to experiencing it. I wish the best anyway, just want to be appropriately informed and not lately explained.
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    I have contacted support two times - the first time after all assignment emails were went out of batch 1 and the second time was today. I have also received some of the above "template information", but I had my eyes rolling on a similar sentence i quoted above. As having an order of QWERTZ device which they said being only a minority and speaking about compensation of US batch where none of the QWERTZ devices were sold to is a complete nonsense. (Not speaking about first batch had only a few devices towards EU and US but the package being returned from the USA contains a lot of phones - so which one? Both of these statements are cannot be true, things can not be as highly relative...) I understand they have to say something but these answers are mostly templates just like the tweets they do. Other than that, they have to handle circumstances which are out of their control. How they handle their communication is not good. For me, I can accept the truth as I know there are a lot of problems they can face with but hearing the opposite is getting me nervous. I wish not more (apart from the device) but correct communication. Again, things may happen several times, it is absolutely not an easy project and they are close to the finish line but also it is one of the most important part of their success. I hope they can do it. Also, this is the time when we need our patience the most and also this time is the hardest to keep quiet.
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    Aaaaaaah! The wait is killing me! OK, venting about it is helpful. Sorry all and thanks for letting me vent. hahah
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    Oh, so hey everyone. I have been staying silent all this time and stuff but I am getting extremely frustrated and angry. I pre-ordered on 28 FEB. Paid it on 31 JUL (requested QWERTZ unit as it became available on 29 JUL). Order number 61##. I am also in EU. Where. the. hell. is. my. phone.?? Weren't QWERTZ units supposed to be a very small number? Did they even manufacture those??? Did anyone in the EU receive a phone at all?? Also, NOBODY did any QA during production and now all these busted screens pop up???? I say nothing adds up here. The fact that I didn't make it in the first batch I can stomach since there are many IGG backers (now then prioritizing people from a totally different project altogether doesn't seem very fair to me) but not getting in the second batch is just ridiculous. Nothing adds up I say. By the time I get my hands on it the specs had already aged almost another year.......
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    Hurray! Now I have a better chance of getting my device earlier 😁
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    Requested a refund today. I have not enjoyed the journey these last few months with fxtec. The misscommunication, moving timelines, and defensiveness when called out on it instead of correcting have soured me on supporting them and the project. I will buy another (non-hardware keyboard) phone and hope the market receives more alternatives, or ill pick up a used one down the line perhaps. All the best to you all, hope you get yours for Christmas and it is worth the wait for you.
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    Leave him cookies and beer, he'll be back to your house first next year!!
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    For me, it highly depends on their communication. If they tell me on 5th december, that it can or will delay to january or even february, that's alright for me. If they tell me that the third batch will be sent out at latest on 15th december and then there will be absolutely no communication about the progress (as we experience it currently - again), then I will most probably refund. Especially, when they continue to promise stuff that they they know they can't fulfill. Anyways, although the communication is gone again, I'm still hopeful that we get the devices before christmas. Not because of us, really, but because of other vendors that sell their devices directly and that spend a lot of money into advertisement to do so before christmas. Before we haven't received all of our devices, there won't be general availability and a lot of money will be lost. Not even speaking about broken contracts.
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    The MAC addrs are read from different places depending on the wlan chipset (the wlan chip is not part of the soc proper). The qcom wlan chip which is in the pro1 by default reads its MAC addrs from /persist/wlan_mac.bin. You should have a copy of that file and it should match the MAC addr that you see in your system settings. But the BSP spits out a default wlan_mac.bin with bogus addrs by default. The OEM is responsible for changing this file at factory programming time. Nobody bothered to do this on the pro1. It is a similar story for BT. Also of note, nearly every OEM has their own unique and different way of reading the wlan MAC addrs. Nobody actually uses /persist/wlan_mac.bin because that would be too simple and logical. 😄 For example, OnePlus uses an NVRAM item. ZTE used /persist/wifimac.dat on the axon7. And so on. While theoretically possible, it won't happen. Qcom has too much invested to do this themselves. And keep in mind that Google ships phones with Qcom chips and would surely detect something like this, even if nobody else did. Not to feed the tinfoil hat crowd, but it would be much more covert to place spyware in the modem side of things which is entirely closed source. Either in the modem code proper or the user space blobs that drive it. There are several hundreds of megabytes of closed source user space blobs in modern platforms which have direct access to things like the modem, trustzone, etc. That is a nice thought. Unfortunately, it is not true once the kernel leaves kernel.org. Qcom breaks their own kernel-user ABI with nearly every release. But that isn't really relevant to upgrading the kernel version. You pull in the relevant qcom and oem bits on top of the new kernel version so that whatever ABI existed in the OEM kernel also exists in the new kernel. The problem is making the qcom bits build and run with the new kernel version. EDIT: I may have misread what you meant. Yes, the core kernel ABI does stay the same so that the basic syscalls will still work with the new kernel version. So in that sense you are correct. The real fun comes in taking the closed-source userspace binaries and making them run on a newer Android version, which is something that Lineage does regularly with older devices. Google has, on many occasions, broken their ABIs for things like libstdc++ and other common utility libraries. The Lineage folks then need to figure out how to make the closed source binaries work again, or steal updated binaries from devices that have been updated to the new Android version. Yes, Qcom releases kernel sources. GPLv2, of course, not GPLv3. The pro1 uses this tree: https://source.codeaurora.org/quic/la/kernel/msm-4.4/ idealte made remarkably few changes compared to other OEMs that I've seen. Just the stuff required for the device to run, really.
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    Or simply that no one involved had the SLIGHTEST idea how difficult it really is to bring a project like this to fruition. I suspect this. This is a much bigger project than anything they had attempted previously, and I think they simply didn't realize how much of an uphill battle it is to do something like this. The fact that they're competing for resources with mega-craporations at a time of year when demand is high makes it that much worse. Also, I'm not a commusocialist who thinks all large corporations are evil; I just despise the major phone manufacturers for making crap slabs and not offering us what we asked them to make! If we expect to have anything available with a physical keyboard, we MUST support this project unwaveringly! To misquote Ronald Reagan, "If we lose keyboards here, there's nowhere else on earth." If F(x)tec succeeds, it will show the craporations that there is still a market segment they're ignoring, and then we might get even more options! PLEASE evaluate your frustrations circumspectly, and decide your vote for the future of mobile technology VERY CAUTIOUSLY!
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    Hi, I have been reading the forum since June, without deciding to write, because really, nor will solve anything, but I am obliged to do so to notify future buyers, who may be more informed than the FXTEC company itself. My order was placed on June 18 and the payment was made from August 2, the order number begins with 18XXX and is for the EU (Spain). The communication since I paid has not existed, can not afford a product and has no news of when they lose it. The few news that was investigated, is that there are delays, more delays and again delays. A company, however new, may not allow the right to receive money from a client and not have the client informed, lack of transparency and communication. Occasionally, the state thinking about canceling the order that it would receive in theory this summer, then in September, then in October, then in December, before Christmas, etc., etc. When I lost the product, I will have gotten used to it. not to use a physical keyboard with a more powerful and updated terminal for less than 200 euros I am very disappointed with the company, not because of the product that it cannot judge, but because of its strategy for the client. If in 2019 you did not receive the product, cancel my order. Regards and good luck
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    This is quiet true. I hate to say it as I really want this phone and the company to succeed, however, we are left in the dark so often questioning when the delivery will be made and when we do get a mail its vague. If we get a 100% answer saying we will all have stock by xmas it is then questioned in the next mail. To add to this responses are given to individuals in regards to delays and possible no delivery until after Xmas and no mass communication. These forum pages are fast becoming a 'Frustration Board'. I can probably only hold out until xmas as I honestly feel as if they are not going to deliver the rest due to overspending. When it comes to IGG backers i believe those should be delivered early of course, but, they should have, as @Val said, a genuine and linear plan for device delivery an a list that represents this. My concern is that I will no doubt receive my pre-order 2 days before general release. My work is Admin and Organisation so there are moments where I am so confused as to how the plan is inside F(x)tec when it comes to comes to allocations, delivery and comms. Do not get me wrong they are super smart when it comes to Tech and building a phone from scratch but they really need to take a moment for all the money they have received and trying to keep all the 'Hypotheses' in check. Also no more social media... Advertising a product you are not able to supply is not cute. But my ass is still waiting for the damn thing! 😉
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    This company is doing the equivalent of a starvation diet in order to get these pre orders produced, but if they can't get to general availability soon, it may strangle their ability to make money as more and more people wait for the original orderers to give feedback. I personally would gladly have taken a real keyboard phone with a ridiculously minor issue in terms of the backlight bleed versus the increasingly vaporware phone that they keep snatching away at the last second. Fxtec is starting to make me feel like a sucker...fool me once and all that.
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    To the last unfortunately yes. There have been posts here recently on that, and I believe it is not only late payers. And agree on the first parts. As I understand it, it is very important for them not to deliver a so-so quality device, so rather than just sending out the devices with this minor defect, they withheld them. Of course very annoying for those most in need of a new device NOW, but I think in the long run it is the right decision to not send out stuff in a lesser quality than what they want their name to be associated with. A new brand is very sensible to critique, so just a few rotten apples could destroy a lot for them, I bet many are sitting on the fence, and want to see the first reactions from the users. And if there are too much "Ooops" and "so-so" in those, it could hold back some people from buying.
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    Silversolver does have a really good point. However, that doesn't take away from the fact that AdUps has been, and still can be, problematic. However, this is yet another reason to block OTA updates (although Adups is already in the stock firmware), and more reason to use a custom ROM. -Just saying.
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    Indeed, and let us hope the last mail they sent is a start of a new trend explaining more.
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    You've heard of under promise and over deliver, right? They did too, just got it a bit confused and thought it was over promise and under deliver. LOL. Those in manufacturing learn very quickly not to make promises until well after post production. This is their first time, it's all a learning experience for them, and they have tackled a giant. Thus, I know it's frustrating, but they are going to need time. I just wish they would be a bit more forthcoming with where they are, and where they are hoping to be a couple of weeks out (about the best one can hope for, as anything else is just spitting in the wind). Best to just leave out additional promises -which they probably won't be able to keep anyway.
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    Do you do business with other companies based on the perceived morality of its staff, or based on the ability of the company to deliver a relevant product or service? In other words, are you consistent, or just venting? Amazon, Apple, Walmart, McDonalds, Samsung......do you evaluate every manufacturer and vendor this way, or just the ones who don't give you your cookies as quickly as you expected?
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    It is also possible that the issue was created in an attempt to produce units more quickly. Grandma used to say, "the hurrier I go the behinder I get." Grandma's always right!
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    Oh, the one issue with switching to FBE is TWRP. If stock uses FDE and custom ROMs use FBE, there may be a need to hack something up to support both. And speaking of TWRP, if a good version doesn't appear by the time I've got a reasonably stable lineage build, I'll do that also. Which kind of sounds strange, as I'm the lineage recovery maintainer... 😛
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    Truer words were never spoken.
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    I have worked at Nokia, I saw how many problems can crop up at the start of the manufacturing of a new phone. Even if you have a lot of resources and experience in manufacturing and distribution, there are still a lot of things to work out. That's the reason I was afraid to pre-order the Pro1, it's an incredibly ambitious plan to create a phone like that from scratch. It would be great to have more transparency regarding the problems they are facing and not just when they are missing deadlines. That's something to improve for sure. I just hope they can survive this chaotic phase to manufacture the only phone in the market I would consider spending my money on.
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    I will not request refund as I would like their success and also would like to own this phone.
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    Customers hate him! Learn this simple trick to set a fixed ETA that will be held for sure.
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    The specs on my Droid 4 have been aging since 2012, so I have limited sympathy with this point of view LOL. It's going to be an awesome device, and a few more horsepower (so to speak) from a newer SOC is not going to change much in the user experience IMO. Useful CPU power plateau-ed a long time ago, and more RAM and storage is what us Droid holdouts are eager to get. And to the other point, Gandalf: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U206PQSMMLc
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    I would not happy to see many of us requesting refund because they have definitively did something valuable and they definitively need time to resolve issues. If most of us go for refund it will affect their stability and rather than that, I would like their success. I think it is not easy to get out of this situation for them - it seems appropriate quality phones were much less than their expectation. If they are able to resolve issues, many of the phones could be shipped if they are really only have this screen issue... but saying to everyone they could send only say 100 devices as 2nd batch would cause really bad feelings in customers. Anyway, are there any of the QWERTY users with IGG coupon who has not received stock assignment e-mail?
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    Heck yes! Please tell me where there is a savings account paying 7% these days. I'll be right there depositing!
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    Interesting that it didn't seem to affect the first batch. If it did, you would think the second batch wouldn't have been assembled until the problem was resolved. If it didn't affect the first batch, then there is a question of why it didn't. Unless they didn't notice the issue at all, and some people have screen bleed on 1st batch phones. It might be such a minor issue that it isn't noticeable, but fxtec felt the need to correct it when they found it in the second batch. (all this is speculation)
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    I'm sure it concerns them even more.
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    You are THE man! Thank you so much for all your hard work! From personal experience, I know how much time and effort is involved tackling something this complex.
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    only youuuuuuu.... its Nokia n950 with desktop debian inside 🙂 Qt creator, arm-none-eabi-gcc, minGW, x86 compiler, and avr-gcc... etc.. Writing programm for anything!!
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    Would it be possible to get an updated firmware with the November OTA update?
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