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  1. I was not a big fan of gesture navigation either until I got myself that awesome Huawei P30 Pro last year. I'm now a gesture convert. You don't have a navigation bar anymore so more screen real estate. Swipe from the edge to go back has the advantage to be accessible from anywhere along either of the screen's edge enabling one handed operations of larger devices.
  2. Do an online search for 'verizon apn settings' and check if yours are OK.
  3. @EskeRahn I wonder if we could get a KCM file working by naming it using the VendorID and ProductID that's associated with that sensor, or maybe even simply the name of the device. Do you have a way to work out VID, PID and device name of that sensor?
  4. Could you be more specific about your problem? Which software are you using, phone of facebook messenger? Is it when using it hands-free or handheld?
  5. My understanding is that all preorder should get them.
  6. I'm planning to refactor and expand to various Qwerty layout variants. As it was inherited from FinQwerty some characters can only be accessed using two modifiers which is very unpractical on a thumb keyboard. We will try to make sure all characters can be accessed using no more than a single modifier. In the spirit of WYSIWYG the printed layout will remain very much as intended by F(x)tec design. Fn keys will provide access to yellow prints. Shift will provide access the uppercase or hidden characters which are variant specific. Alt will provide access to hidden characters and som
  7. You may want to open a dedicated thread to discuss audio quality under Sailfish OS. That thread was more about stock audio experience.
  8. I would have first tried using double sided sticky tape with the original TPU housing before going this way. That should work nicely unless you are taking your phone out of the case too often. Do let us know how it goes as I might be considering a similar mod at some point. I was thinking of taking a Snakehive P30 Pro case, as the camera cutout works better with Pro1 and replacing the TPU housing. How did you separate the TPU housing from the leather? Is it glued on ?
  9. Odd, mine is such a perfect fit on all 4 colour variants I own. Make sure you secure it to the bottom of the TPU housing especially if you are a pusher rather than a lifter. Pusher: people who think reading the docs is for noobs and keep insisting on opening their Pro1 by pushing the lower edge of the screen. Lifter: pretentious know-it-all people gifted with the ability to safely open a Pro1 by lifting the top edge of the screen. Usually equipped with just enough finger nail to operate.
  10. Wow, so that's really happening I thought that whole project was a scam 🤣 Good to know they are shipping our headsets 😁
  11. My favorites from those new shortcuts are the media controls. Being able to turn music on and off at anytime, skip tracks and adjust volume is just very cool 😎 That's some descent audio rendering on Pro1 with those stereo speakers.
  12. That's the one I tried. No joy there. To be honest I'm not impressed with those default shortcuts anyway. The ones offered in v0.0.3 make just as much sense.
  13. @wilhelmfitzpatrick I'm not sure what's that search key. I tried it as SEARCH but the advertised shortcuts are not working.
  14. Actually I'm guessing the KCM file only applies to the keyboard device and thus does not to that sensor. Maybe there is a way to install another KCM and have it apply to that sensor somehow. However I can't find docs about it. Even a lot of the stuff I got from FinQwerty does not seem to be documented or just partially.
  15. Sure looks like that. The events sent by the sensor are actually Fn+F3 and Fn+F4 but trying to replace those did not work either.
  16. What are those? Sleep and wake up? Sleep and wake up are working when mapped to other keys. However the kcm file appears to have no effect on the events coming from that Hall sensor.
  17. I tried and it didn't work. Remapping scan codes also didn't work.
  18. Sadly it does not work. Whatever is sending those is bypassing the Key Mapping framework somehow and thus not taking into account overrides from KCM. I'll give it another try later but it those look like we are out of luck on that one.
  19. I doubt that's doable, at least not without rooting.
  20. Of course, using those 468 and 469 scancode it should do the trick. I'll try it ASAP.
  21. Of course, that's the keycode it is mapped to defining its functionality. However I need the hardware scancode in order to override that functionality.
  22. Does someone know the scan code for that FxTec key?
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