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    • From another topic on here, and thanks to @Whitey and @claude0001, I am guessing the Pro1X battery connector is the same as the OPPO R17 phone. Here is where I make my case for that match:  
    • Thanks @claude0001!  Even though I read this thread, I somehow missed that photo! Here is what @Whitey posted. Here is the charging board I used for my Pro1 battery, with the Xiaomi MI 6 connector.  I *think* the Pro1X connector may be the same as an OPPO R17.   Here a close-up of both the motherboard end and battery end of  the OPPO R17 connector: It looks similar to what @Whitey shows in his photo.  Without being able to compare the actual sizes, we can't be sure.  My educated guess says it is probably a match though.
    • That's great news, @Casey.  By antenna boards, do you mean the USB port boards?  How do we order those? Good timing on this.  Right before your message came through, I was able to piece together what I think the Pro1X connector is from a photo in another topic on here.  I'll reply to that topic and include the information in this thread too.
    • Ah! Still not used to having to differentiate between the two. Finally removed Open Camera as it was buggy after the June 5 OTA while GCam seemed to be fine. Crossing my fingers the issue is resolved but it wasn't uncommon for it to function occassionally. 
    • June 5 POTENTIALLY corrects camera issue but only been a few minutes, will give some time to confirm as it was not uncommon for it to function intermittently. 
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