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    • Not necessarily fraud. You know an audio player sends "anonym data" to increase quality. Or A voice assistant scans recording to improve the product. After all Microsoft analyses your skype calls. This is even compatible with the GDPR and we should not even start with US "data protection laws".  So even if we ignore that there are millions of shady apps out there which do illegal stuff, at least the call recording app could collect the calls. And I am pretty sure there are a lot of other loopholes. The problem is that anonym data nearly always can me merged into a known dataset. I understand the urge to record calls to protect yourself from shady calls. But there are ways which are to be preferred (at least in my opinion). Do not talk to people you don't know on the phone. Use a app which shows you if the number calling you is registered. Your bank will not call you from an unregistered number block. However the situation in your country may be different and it should also not be your problem. The only real solution is to vote for people who will stop shady business practices.
    • I think I should write here too.  On December 26th I requested a refund; on December 30th, support answered me that "Everything is fine, confirm that you want a refund."  After that, support ignored me until January 9th, they wrote “within a week the request will be processed”, since then no one has answered me anymore.
    • You seem to be the lucky winner. Has anyone paid later than August 20? Country?
    • Where do you get this info? Except for pretty small amount of what I assume were pre-ordered retail units pretty much everyone is waiting, including those who had cancelled and had to move to the back of the line. as you might have noticed, most people payed on 31-st of July, so it kiinda sticks to the rules set, except for that country-based nonsense, which no one really knows how it works anyway.
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