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    • Also, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=flar2.homebutton says: That may trigger the keymap bug that Google introduced in Android 11
    • Android uses 'meta' for the built-in keyboard shortcuts, such as meta+B for the web browser, meta+E for the email app, meta+enter to switch back to the launcher (i.e. 'HOME'), and meta+backspace for 'BACK'. This list of shortcuts is extensible, but I don't think the interface is currently exposed in any system app. By default, the 'F logo' key generates KEY_META in LineageOS, enabling these shortcuts. You can display a list of the currently defined shortcuts with meta+/, although this is unfortunately a three-key chord on the Pro1 which makes it rather difficult to type. 😕  However, pressing both the diagonal yellow arrow 'fn_l' and the adjacent F logo key 'home' with one thumb and the 'P' or 'L' key with the other will work without too much finger gymnastics. In the list, Android uses the magnifying glass icon to denote KEY_META.
    • Yes, that is why I would put "\" to the lower-left position and I am also currently using it there. I never thought they would move ~ key to that position. 😞
    • I don't actually own a Pro 1-X yet (pre-ordered it December 2020)., so I could be entirely wrong on the up-right key.  Probably not something I'd use personally. If any key has to get moved to an unusual space (or require use of up-right_, it should definitely be `~. Some keyboards also do place \| in the lower left between LEFT SHIFT and Z, so there's precedent there.    
    • Oops, I haven't looked this deeply but you are right. I am agree with that, "\" is at a very wrong position. It may be an option, but another right position for that key is the "`/~" button which should be on the left of '1'. So, I would put "\" key on the "`~" key. That key is absolutely a nonsense being there. I am absolutely and definitively against it - apart that key is handled a bit differently, it is very important for custom layouts, so should not be eliminated.
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