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    • It is indeed quite similar to what we see in step 8 in your link. All that is needed to swap it is a little heat to loosen the adhesive, and the key mat can be removed. But why the qwertZ plates are harder to get than the qwertY I do not know. A GUESS could be that they are too small to get priority, if the company making them are very busy catching up for a larger client after the corona lockdown - but pure guesswork...
    • N900 keyboard has a key mat with caps and switches beneath. Source:  Nokia N900 Teardown. If Pro1 is anything like that, a subcontractor X provided Fxtec US and German layout mats and cannot currently provide the German layout mat.
    • Is you lens clean? Also under the lens protector? I have condensation fogging the lens from carrying the phone in the pocket of my trousers :-( I will remove the lens protection when I find the time, and see what can be done against moisture. The Pro1 is my first phone that has trouble with moisture getting into the camera compartment ...
    • I never mentioned 60000, i guess I accidently quoted it.  
    • (The 20200825 image is now available in the original post) https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2466-guide-restore-to-stock-firmware-using-fastboot-method
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