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    • I did a full charge last week on Tuesday.  I've still got 25% left I've been letting it sit idle no apps open except a terminal (accident) only wifi enabled.  Did notice another bug the Last Changed info box just says N/A in the Battery Settings.  Also it's not tracking the power drain usage 😞
    • Personally I prefer PocoPhone F1 port but the viewfinder is upside down if you select Night Sight. However, the picture is right way in the gallery afterwards. There is also BSG port (with fixed viewfinder) but it does not provide as great picture quality in very dark situations (noise level is bad).
    • Simply pulling the apk and side-loading will not do the trick, it just keeps closing on launch, without any dialogue ever appearing. I guess it is dependent on something?
    • Does the lineage camera app not work?   It's probably possible to copy snapdragon camera to the device.  
    • Yeah, that seems pretty unlikely to be heavy. So most likely a different cause - unless something heavy is running in the background - but that is not very likely, as I guess it would have to be really intense to slow down keyboard reading. So the next step would be to backup your stuff and do a factory reset, without restoring any of your apps, to see if that fixes it. And if so then do a restore to see if it is still gone or restoring the apps brings back the bug.. If the bug returns, then some app somehow does not work well with the Pro1, and that can be a tedious puzzle to narrow down which one.  
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