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    • Ah! Still not used to having to differentiate between the two. Finally removed Open Camera as it was buggy after the June 5 OTA while GCam seemed to be fine. Crossing my fingers the issue is resolved but it wasn't uncommon for it to function occassionally. 
    • June 5 POTENTIALLY corrects camera issue but only been a few minutes, will give some time to confirm as it was not uncommon for it to function intermittently. 
    • So yes, device is not rooted but it is unlocked. It arrived like this, which was probably be needed anyway to put LOS. Anyway, so apps seems to misbehave, I believe, because of that. Could anyone check if either - front camera works during revolut app login process, face verification step - camera works in signal messanger when trying to make a photo from inside the signal app   Both are failing for me, I would like to know if it is related to pro1x and LOS.
    • For some phones, the bootloader can be re-locked after LineageOS has been installed, provided they have not been rooted. I know that this is possible e.g. on the FairPhone 3. However, this is not generally the case, and users here have reported that they bricked their prawns while trying ...
    • Check if your SD partition gets mounted with a SELinux context (see my edited post above regarding this aspect). If yes, I would first try to disable the latter ("/vendor/bin/setenforce 0"). In fact, I'd do that anyway, just to be sure. ^^ If you mean this bug: https://gitlab.com/LineageOS/issues/android/-/issues/3321 reported by @EskeRahn, I think that was introduced only in LOS 18.1. As far as I understand, things were fine in 16.0 and 17.1. I do not know for sure, though, as I'm not using multiple keyboard layouts on my 16.0 ROM. If you provide me with sufficiently precise test-case instructions, I can check the functionality in question on my device if you want ...
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