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    • Same for me. Are there any border settings in stock Android which still might be tweaked? I knew I had them on the Pro1 with LineageOS but so far I didn't find anything like that on the Pro1X with stock Android. 
    • Good question; after reading that post, I mailed support to confirm that there actually are fingerprint sensor and back cover replacements (and whether I could get the replacement done by them), but they never got back to me...
    • 'Manual Camera DSLR Pro' here (the name might be offputting for more casual shooters, but I think the app itself is quite straightforward and has all the usual automatic modes which are also enabled by default). I just have to make sure 'RAW' is disabled, otherwise it just stalls when trying to snap a shot.  For when I really want RAW files, I have the 'ProShot' app installed, but rarely ever use it. (I'm still on stock Android, though, so LOS usage may be slightly different at some point.)
    • I for one. I tried to fight hard against the shifted layout early on, but unfortunately the Pro1 had it... One mayor issue with the shifted qwerty is that many languages usually got letters right of L and P, and this becomes a mess of awkward positions with the shifted. If you are using A-Z only the shift is just a bad idea, not a nuisance in daily usage. But quite a bit on it here: https://eskerahn.dk/?p=3556#ShiftedOrNot So glad to see that they fixed it for the Pro1X
    • My experience based on one Pro1 and two Pro1X phones (both blue, QWERTY, 8/256 GB) suggests that GPS accuracy (and maybe more) is prone to some sample variation between phones. My first Pro1X was like @AndytheNoob's. Recorded GPS tracks while hiking are probably never as straight as someone might expect, but that Pro1X showed far stronger deviations from it than the Pro1. Also, and again other than the Pro1, driving on a road with another road running in parallel in maybe something like 50 or even 100 m distance frequently made the navigation on the Pro1X jump around between both, not being able to decide on which road I actually was, something I rarely ever saw with the Pro1.   On my second Pro1X, though, everything GPS related is back to normal again.  That's exactly what I'm doing, it works pretty well for me and I've decided that I can live with it (rather than living without a physical keyboard 😉) Funnily, my impression is that what my second Pro1X gained in GPS precision over the first one (sold, in the meantime) has been lost in voice and data reliability. Thanks to the 'LTE Discovery' app in 'No-LTE cycle' mode, the first one had mostly seemed able to work reliably enough at least with data (I don't do much talking with my phones, so my experience might be too limited for a concluding verdict there), both for itself and as an AP for other devices. The second one, though, is unusable most of the time by itself, so I always carry a small mobile wifi router. Only when I'm away from my home region here in Germany I might get lucky when there are more Pro1X-friendly LTE bands in use, like the past two weeks when I was traveling through Croatia*. * The fun thing there was that roaming, which I thought should be a EU-wide thing independent of someone's domestic mobile provider, gave me a connection far more reliably with my T-Online SIM in slot 2 than with my primary Vodafone SIM... 
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