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    • No idea why the postponement... Perhaps they want to reserve themselves the option to make small changes to the screen should the redesign of the Pro1X require them. (Whether or not that might introduce incompatibilities to existing devices – which would be, of course, bad for those who wanted the screens for existing devices...) On 16 March I asked [email protected] whether they could send me a spare screen for my Pro1, but I have yet to get an answer (or even an acknowledgement of receipt, like the ones I used to get for earlier mails on other topics). That's why, in the meantime, I ordered two displays from China and bought a heat gun, too (which will probably serve as a hint towards the level of my own proficiency with that tool – I had one for a while some twenty years ago, and the only use it got was as a barbecue igniter). We'll see how it goes. At least this new one can be turned down as low as 60°C. Also, I finally have come to peace with the idea that I will need a second phone, even if it's just a cheap one, which is why I'll probably be keeping my Moto Z3 Play with stock Android as long as it keeps working (although it will never get beyond Android 9 and seems to have stopped getting security updates in July 2020, too, exactly two years after it appeared). For one, I'll need one in case my primary phone stops working or needs repair. But also to do the one or two things I can't do (yet?) with my Pro1, like getting security tokens for my employer's VPN. I've now even ordered another SIM card (cheap, prepaid) for that phone, as I'm going to need it to do some banking that my Pro1 will only enable me if and when I successfully root it and hide both the facts that it's rooted and that it's a custom ROM. The latter seems to be checked and identified as a security risk for more and more security-eager apps, too.
    • If I from now on only do the sideload thing, do I also need to take special care of Magisk? Or maybe the problem was just buggy 18.1?
    • no, you're just losing root. but that was on 17.1, I'm still waiting until 18.1 has all bugs ironed out
    • And looks like if you forget to do that, you brick your device? If I from now on only do the sideload thing, do I also need to take special care of Magisk?
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