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    • Like the idea. Though one could say that it would be more suited in a LineagOS forum, as it is not limited to the Pro1 / Pro1x. And perhaps it already exists there? And a new thread here with a post linking to the general forum would be a better option, benefiting more users.
    • Thanks. My suggestion would be then to open a thread / a file with a list of apps which do not work on Lineage, so customer can make a informed decision and avoid bad surprises? What does our forum moderator think?
    • So, a few things here:   1. There is a difference between certification and rooting.  SafetyNet is supposed to determine if the device is certified.  This means not just rooted, but running stock software that has been certified through Google.   2. There is no single way to detect a rooted device.  Each app is coded differently because there is no API for this in Android.  Some apps may just look for the presence of /system/xbin/su.  Others have more extensive checks.   3. Apps are not limited to just detecting root.  Some apps are known to look for things that may indicate the device has been tampered, similar to SafetyNet.  For example, I have heard of apps that look for system properties that are not present on stock but are specific to third party ROMs.   4. I do not use magisk and I do not support anyone who does.  It can cause strange issues that take a long time to track down, only to find that it was misconfigured or has a bug.  Feel free to use it if you like, but if you have any strange issues that others do not, the first thing you should do is a clean install without it.   5. I vote with my downloads.  I will not use an app that does any of the above.  That is not difficult for me, as my banking app does not do these checks and I don't have any desired to watch Netflix on a small screen.  Unfortunately, I know others are not in the same situation.  
    • Well, that's sadly part of the deal for not shipping with certified Android like the original Pro1. You don't have a guarantee that things like that work, that you can even use them is more an exception since it's accomplished by slightly shady stuff. I do think that if you do everything right, the chances of being to use your bank app is pretty high. But anybody saying they can guarantee it is lying I think. If that's a dealbreaker, than a device that ships with LineageOS isn't for you I think. 
    • tag @[email protected] seems no response for 24hrs as promised on contact page
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