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    • When I still had an official LineageOS, I was applying every weekly OTA and "su" would be preserved reliably. I never disabled encryption. Those were the days of AddonSU though, which was officially supported by LOS. Always remember that Magisk is a third-party tool before blaming the OS for it to stop working for some reason. Today I run my own builds which I install via sideload. This requires "su" to be reinstalled at every update ... one gets used to it. At this point, I would not prefer one ROM over another just for its ability to maintain root across updates. Let's face it: us rooted users are considered weirdos in the Android world. Once we accept that, life becomes easier for everyone ... 😉 
    • Two things that annoy me with LOS 18.1: 1) there's no way to turn off notifications turning on the display (it should exist, but the option does not exist for me, maybe I need to update), 2) I'd like to customize number of rows and columns on the home screen (I know I can use a different launcher, but would prefer the built-in one) 
    • @Rob. S.I am on LOS 18 rooted. As the timings were different, and everything else the same, it's unlikely the same cause. AccA didn't work for 3 months, continued not to work while using a working chargie. After a couple of weeks with chargie not working I tested the latest acca version (which had been updated meanwhile) and now no issues with acca anymore. 
    • Related to this, in not such an easy way, the key thing that i gathered from a lengthy call with At&t when trying to add the Xperia 10 ii (returned it cause At&t insisted it will not work) is that and impacts my current Xperia 10 (which they said it likely won't but were less insistent).  The key thing is they are doing a full court press (basketball) whenever a new device hits a 3G tower, which was the case with the Xperia 10 ii, for some reason on data it would not go 4G, so they immediately disabled it. However when calling them and getting to the advance tech support, they will ok the device, the thing is you need to be calling them with that new device, i.e. 10 or 10ii or Pro¹. The lack of VOLTE is going to be a challenge whenever someone calls you call it will default to 3G. From the call, they did say that they would accept the unofficially supported device but said that it just won't work after Feb 2022, they are meaning the voice calls in this case, which I had to ask them to clarify.  So partly cause I get a better discount with At&t I am going to stick it out. I am tempted though when the Pro¹x arrives to keep it on LineageOS and wait until VOLTE is supported on SFOS before making that move, which I am not happy about but I can live with it. Hope this is helpful
    • @HookYes, I am aware of this and have little intention of remaining with AT&T.  Sorry, I should have mentioned that. IF I'm on a network that doesn't mind the Pro1, I'm wondering if it will be a good fit for me. Thanks for the information though, in the case that I wasn't aware, that is super helpful.  
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