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    • (lineage-18.1-20211206-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on November 5 security patch installed smoothly using OTA ) ...But the reintroduced (early August) Accessibility / keyboard bug is not (yet) fixed. The stage after download and install called "Finalising package installation" is surprising slow though)
    • I don't think they have the parts, they just have the contracts for the parts (It is wild guessing at my side though). So there is still room for problems. Also their update mention some missing parts indirectly: ``` We need to re-make the individual parts for the new mini-board and back cover (due to the redesign mentioned above).  ```  
    • I can confirm this. No rom will work for a fresh install but 3.3 or 3.4.   I installed 3.4 but i am getting not OTA updates.
    • Tbh, I never did things like C-x C-s single-handed, even with a full-size PC keyboard: I hit one of the Ctrl keys with one hand, and the letter key with the other. Anyway, after years of using it intensely, I have almost stopped using emacs for various reasons. Also vi, I use only for minor editing of shell scripts or config files. For any serious amount of coding, it has been Kate for a while now. Mainly old age I guess 🙂. But its Windows-style shortcuts do work quite well on the Pro1, too. (And, of course, it's got a vim input mode, just for you 😉 ). Back on topic: Of course, the Pro1 keyboard is not perfect, and cannot compete with that of Planet Computers. However, I like the basic idea of the Pro1: A no-compromise standard Android phone that can "just run" all those everyday apps made for touch-only operation (let's face it),  with the added option to flip-out the built-in keyboard, when needed. To be perfectly honest, I hardly use the keyboard for operating Android apps. Most are optimised for portrait and just inconvenient to use in landscape orientation anyway. But when using my GNU/Linux chroot, the keyboard shines! It allows me to transform my phone into a full-featured (albeit small) Unix workstation, with a hw keyboard that has all the important keys for coding and does not require an (additional) software keypad covering large parts of the X11 or terminal screen. Sure, given the small size, I would not want to work like that for hours. But, somehow, it feels good to know my phone can do (almost) anything my Linux PC can, if I happen to be far from the latter ... 😎  
    • I'm an evil-mode user actually. The problem with thumb typing is some key combinations require a lot of travel and leaving the home row. On a planet keyboard you can easily do C-x one handed but with the pro1 keyboard it's not really possible. With a software keyboard you can do it one handed, though overall typing will be slower. TBH with the the n900 I was happy being able to write shell commands and use tmux. Emacs on a mobile device has never been a good experience, except on the cosmo.
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