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    • You could ask them to send you an USB-Board if you are willing to replace it yourself. This might be faster than to wait for official support. It worked for me but was a few months ago.
    • If it is the usb-board that is damaged, it might work as a temporary measure to hold the plug at a certain angle. Try and see if you can get the LED to light up. This way you might be able to charge it enough, so you can get any needed data out. (Oh. And if you have not already tried, try a different cable and/or charger, you could be lucky that it is merely a broken cable)
    • In short, no I'm not telling you that.... Reread
    • Yeah I already wrote the support. I just think that it will take ages as they are now occupied with the pro1x but yeah thanks. And I am afraid that it will take very long until I get it back. How did it worked out for you? Did you got it replaced? Ohh i now saw your repair journey thread. I will read it and hope for the best.
    • I had the same Problem, reach out to the support. It seems to be the USB-Board or the Battery are possible sources for that Problem.
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