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    • I  don't think the issue is about the USB board... @adidas88 wrote it worked the day before but it did not turn on next mornig. So my question would be if the phone was turned off last night and if so, about what percentage of charge it had. So if I understood well, it still had charge but it did not turn on the next morning. I would check if there is some charging current or if it comes up as an USB device and what is its device identifier. As there were some devices which had faulty UFS flash and same symthomps, this can also be a similar issue but I would check the charging current and USB communication to find out more about it. Simply replacing the USB board is unlikely to solve this problem unless the phone had low charge the day before and an uncertain USB port...
    • When I sent my Pro1 in for repair, it took them only one month to get it back to me and this was last January when they were scrambling because they had lost their 835 SOC for the Pro1x.  I know others' experience has been different, but this was mine. Even though I now have a long wait for a replacement screen (supplied under warranty) —I think they won't have the screens until they are ready to manufacture (and therefore have all the parts), hopefully January—I have had nothing but great experiences with their CS/Tech support.  YMMV, but that's my experience.
    • You could ask them to send you an USB-Board if you are willing to replace it yourself. This might be faster than to wait for official support. It worked for me but was a few months ago.
    • If it is the usb-board that is damaged, it might work as a temporary measure to hold the plug at a certain angle. Try and see if you can get the LED to light up. This way you might be able to charge it enough, so you can get any needed data out. (Oh. And if you have not already tried, try a different cable and/or charger, you could be lucky that it is merely a broken cable)
    • In short, no I'm not telling you that.... Reread
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