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    • Yikes, that does indeed sound pretty terrible. I hope software/firmware can be tweaked to improve the situation, or mine would probably be pretty much useless as well, mainly staying 10+ feet (+ one or two walls) away from the router, and having about "half" 4G reception (fully reliable, just not full on the "meter") on my current device.
    • Thank you EskeRahn, I will try that. I might have to attempt to get out of this screen through windows. I'll try all of this    
    • That's the incomplete summary... Android 6's google ToS was tolerable (closer to what you quote). Now it's even worse. They actively track and they remotely access the phone to gather data to "improve our services". Things such as wireless SSIDs at all points and correlate with GPS, even if it's set as "turned off" (because, "🤯" turning location off, doesn't really turn GPS off  "🤯". Only revokes non-privileged apps access to location). Same for wifi. Turning it off doesn't really turn it off anymore. Just reduces its use for privileged apps only which connects and disconnects on-demand. The only way to disconnect from networks (since Android 9? temporarily) is airplane mode. It only really works for some hours, though. After some hours, privileged apps can access network on-demand if they decide to (and they do). These are privileged apps in stock Android I can remember (there's also system apps but I don't remember those): Google Google Play Services Google Play Store It's like a double-edged sword for these new ToS...
    • I haven't read it, but guess it in many words says "We will track you, and steal all your data, without asking again, and you have to pay for the data transfer doing so".
    • My experience isn't quite that bad, I suppose, although it is struggling to keep a 5ghz wifi connection 10ft from my router - and you have to get within 6 before it gets to 'Good'.  Having taken it outside for the first time over my lunch break, its also failing to keep a reliable 4G connection outside when its never been a problem before. It loses the ability to use our wifi on either 2.4 or 5 far closer (8ft closer at least) than my Priv can keep a very reliable 5ghz connection going. Really hoping something can be done to make it better than it is, its bordering on unusable - I'll happily try stuff out...
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