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    • adb is not supported on the bootloader level. Use fastboot. Step-by-step guides on flashing back to stock are found here: Disclaimer: I have not tested those instructions myself.
    • There is no finance team. Hundreds of people are waiting for refund. If you want to put in the effort, take it to court 🙂
    • I was trying to install lineage OS and it failed, now i just want to reinstall the stock android, my boots up and shows the attached screen. When I run adb devices it does not appear. How can I resolve my issue?
    • I just came here to share my report of replacing a screen assembly. After replacing, I now have a working screen. Two corners of the screen exhibit the black corner problem that is common with these replacement screens. These black corners are not intrusive and don't hinder normal use. Since most of the Aliexpress links in all the threads have rotted, here's a new one: For F(x)tec Pro1 QX1000 LCD Display Touch Screen Sensor Digiziter Assembly Replace F(x)tec Pro 1 LCD Touch. I bought that whole assembly part instead of just a screen + digitizer, as my plastic screen frame had cracked a bit. It also meant less work with glue, even though glue was included in the package. Carefully changing the screen took me about an hour. Otherwise everything went smoothly, except that the PCB with the cameras and other stuff on my old screen frame was troublesome to take off. It was attached with two visible screws, a patch of glue and one hidden screw. The glued patch gave in after I heated it with a hair dryer. I used the dryer to blow on the touchscreen side of the assembly. The hidden screw was under a silvery tape, next to the activity led. Following the instructions of SchattengestaIt in the post earlier in this thread, I also carved out a part of the frame that might pinch the digitizer cable and cause the phantom taps syndrome. I will report here later if any issues come back to haunt me. Otherwise the trick will have worked (or the forums gone down). Until today, I had coped with Partial Screen Pro and switching between portait and landscape with Ultimate Rotation Control to access any buttons buried under the disabled zone. Using the phone was mostly okay, except when in landscape, sporadic touches would occasionally bring down the quick settings menu and mess up my stuff. Rarely there were also lingering phantom touches on a couple other parts of the screen. These touches that weren't on the same vertical line came about after a long time of use. This was my second screen replacement. The original screen lasted 12 months until it developed phantom taps. I used Fxtec service to change the screen. I sent the phone to them and 9 months later it came back with a new working screen. After service, the volume up button and the fingerprint reader no longer worked, which is a bummer. The new screen lasted only a few months before it got the same phantom taps again. I advise against troubling the service (and yourself) with screen issues. Instead, buy a replacement. Just now, after finding my replacement screen good, I bought two screens from Aliexpress for backup: another one of the same type I linked earlier and an LCD Display Digitizer Touchscreen Touch Glass Touchscreen with frame for Elephone U Pro that wasn't available the last time I checked.
    • I am Canceling my order- #64914 Aug 30, 22. No refund yet. After repeated messages requesting REFUND! Hi Michael,  Sorry to hear that and see you go!  Allow me to pass the details to the finance team. Best Regards, Francisco  Feel free to let us know if there's anything else we can help you with. 30 Apr 2024, 09:57 BST Hi, Thank you for your patience. The finance team is still processing your request.   Best Regards, Francisco  Feel free to let us know if there's anything else we can help you with.
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