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    • Soo. Thanks to a forum member (MANY thanks..) I know what's up - it's a faulty display board. As soon as one connects it to the phone, it reboots itself indefinitely. Luckily I have two spares so we'll have it replaced (he's very short on time and I've waited for ages, soo.. what the hell) and all *should* be fine. Not exactly happy about FxTec's support though; they just stopped talking to me at all. I know I'm no longer covered by warranty but I am pretty sure they should've asked me to send the device back to them and find the source of trouble themselves. But heck. I sincerely hope there won't be much more problems after this 😄
    • Well, I am out in the wild with my Pro1x.  T-Mobile seems to have gotten better here.  I seem to still be using band 4.  Call was fine. Using internet on data now, no wifi.  It's slow but steady.  Even downloaded Firefox.  As I said, slow but steady... no balking and quiting.  I am wondering if US problems on T-Mobile have to do with which bands T-Mobile is relying on where. Or if there are defective units, as @EskeRahnraised, is it many or just a few? Any are too mmany for those that have them, I understand, but if weren't hanging out at this forum, I wouldn't see any reason for testing.
    • Found my report from a month ago: To repeat: I think I have seen the Pro1-X switch between LTE bands 3 and 1 without dropping dead. Band 20 seems to be the problem for me.
    • 😞 So then the big question is if it is the specimen, or Pro1X in general that does not work under your conditions??
    • Unfortunately doesn't help. As (I think) I wrote previously, band 20 does not work, even if I enable the modem (or boot the Pro1-X) in that "zone" of my apartment. It will then directly go to the "no service" state.
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