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    • In Australia with my provider, according to documentation band 3 is 3G: 850MHz, 2100MHz 4G/LTE: 1800MMHz Here are the details in a screenshot     This seems to match what @FlyingAntero said in an earlier post here:  
    • If I interpret the dumps here correctly, band 3 seems to be related to the problem.
    • I do the same. Mostly because I made a batchfile-logic to do the whole process. So I have a common base file, and then Just call e.g. FlashPro1_Lineage200_MTG 20230130    I have attached an example set of my usage (renamed from .bat to .txt), I have the roms, recovery zips and gapps in a subdir I called "Pro1_ROM". FlashBase.txt FlashBase_MindTheGapps130.txt FlashPro1_Lineage200_MTG.txt
    • Thought I'd do another one while my phone was having a no data moment, not sure if it means anything to anyone? You can compare it to my previous screenshot when things were "normal"
    • I don't have a Pro1x, but I believe the process of updating Lineage is the same as for the Pro1 and I will answer your questions from that assumption. Your steps 1-5 are correct except that, after you do the adb sideload, you need to reboot to recovery.  This is because the update (which is actually the full installation with the updates) is installed to the inactive slot. Rebooting to recovery makes the inactive slot active.  Now when you do step 5, you will be actually booting up the update.  A. There is no formal backup for either the Pro1 or Pro1x.  No TWRP.  You can backup your own data manually, but otherwise there are cloud backups such as Google backup.  There is a backup option I've heard referred to using ADB, but I know nothing about it.  B. I've never had to do this, so I shouldn't make suggestions. See what others say.  I would think the previous version is still available on the inactive sot and, once in recovery, rebooting to recovery to change the active slot would allow you to boot into the previous version.  However, in my experience with even test versions of Lineage OS, needing to do this never arose. C. You shouldn't have to reinstall MTG when flashing an update, The update won't affect it.  That said, it doesn't hurt to reflash MTG and I always do, but it's just superstition.  😄
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