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    • Sorry, and no, that's just dangerous semi-knowledge, and it has nothing to do with the new coronavirus whatsoever. On the contrary, the new coronavirus became the threat it now is because of far too little hygiene on the Chinese wet markets, where living wild animals of lots of different species are crowded together, giving viruses a chance to jump between species which never would come close to each other in nature, which is exactly what happened now, with bats being the original carriers, sold on wet markets because there is demand for them in rural cooking. And Chinese rural households aren't exactly places where you would expect an abundance of sterility, either!  Of course medical science does think that more children playing in the dirt used to make people's immune systems stronger in past times, but, for one, that's children, not grown-ups whose immune systems are now what they are, and, for another, those times were already "past times" 25 years ago, they were already "past times" even 50 years ago in most western industrial nations. I'm 55 now, and my time as a child already was a time when disinfectants were seen daily in the ads on every TV screen, and every mother who didn't disinfect everything was made a bad mother for endangering their precious children. Yes, that was a problem and continues to be one (although where I live I actually can't see things being as bad anymore as they used to be in my childhood), but it is a completely different matter. Oh, and another thing – not every kitchen dropped fresh food for shrink-wrapped convenience food (which, by the way, doesn't need to be bad, either), during the last 25 years.  
    • Drawn by Konayachi. Used with permission:
    • I guess I will just wait until they release an official fix for that broken OTA.
    • Ya in my case, I'm lineage so also need safetypatch, but had that.  My issue was I needed to update magisk.  Now passing safetynet and both apps are back in the play store for me.  
    • It is because of the OTA that causes play store issues.  If you are rooted with Magisk, go into the Downloads section in Magisk Manager and install SafetyPatch. If you aren't rooted, then you need to jump through some hoops to install it outside the play store, because it uses split APKs/App Bundles.   I am running it fine on the Pro1 through the Play Store with the first method and the 20200304 OTA. I have also installed it on 2 unrooted Pixel 4 XLs that have unlocked bootloader, which makes them not pass safetynet, hence can't see Disney Plus or Netflix in the Play Store.
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