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    • Quoting my old post. So 8 months ago I got a new display from Aliexpress and asked from a local phone mechanic to do the replacement. He refused because he didn't know the phone and didn't want to take responsibility from accidentally breaking the device. So I tried to do it myself, which went well otherwise but I put too much heat on the display, which ended up with the display plastic frame melting and losing the shape 😐 Should have got a heat gun with adjustable heat level 😄 So I put my Pro1 in the drawer and while waiting to get the display+frame from Fxtec (which was promised much earlier), I used several spare phones like Nokia 3210, Nokia n900 etc 😁 Suddenly, 8 months later I got an email from Fxtc support; finally they had displays on stock. I got my display yesterday and installed it, and now my ghost touches are gone, hopefully 🙂 During those 8 months I came here only few times. It's great to see the community is still active and going strong! Looking forward to get my Pro1X as my Pro1 still has some issues. But still, sure it's awesome to get my Pro1 back from the dead.
    • Aren't most unihertz phones bootloader locked so there are no alternate OSes for them?  I have looked at them often as they have small phones but I'm not using stock Android. If their software partner (it's not done in house) can do an open version it's a great idea.
    • would be great if the niche products could find ways to help each other, as they target different parts of the small keyboard segment. But the big question is if the visions are compatible?
    • True true , because this time i was within the first 50 to order i have the option to get it in august if i pay for expedited shipping  maybe for FX tec's next phone , they should team up with unihertz  FX designs the phone and outsource Unihertz for production , updates and PR
    • I'm really glad they're not giving up too, there was surely money to be ran off with when they didn't have any chips to buy so I might have been tempted. I'm not requesting a crystal ball "all devices will be shipped" date which would be pointless, all I ask is to replace "something" with "flashing", "packing" or "shipping" in the latest update.  He must know what he's trying to book and that isn't affected by how much of a mess China is in nor how many times they've been bumped by a more important customer or due to stopping for bugs.
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