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    • I remember when F(x)tec has announced the chipset change, there were some users complaining about the lack of external output by chipset. ...then F(x)tec told they have received a comfirmation about the chipset supports external display. However, I don't know who told this information to F(x)tec and if that info was true or not...
    • Looking for other phones with same chipset we got this list on gsmarena I tried googling for hdmi and one of them (the motorola G30) but found nothing. I did find a fairly officially looking answer suggesting using casting instead, so that sort of points toward that the chipset might not support it, and thus the link I first found could be wrong....
    • You didn't listen either, which doesn't surprise me in this society anymore.  The keyboard is too wide, regardless.  Just want the device to find a welcoming home and fed plenty of electricity.  My goodness, people...
    • I didn't stutter.  And I don't feel like contacting them or I might blow a fuse.  Just want the device to find a nice home.
    • Not at all, and I'm happily proven wrong.
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