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    • My local phone guy wouldn't touch it because he had no idea what it was. Fair. I let it dry, been checking once a week or so, I've accepted it's not coming back to life. I contacted f(x)tec, who responded very promptly given the current state of the world, and offered a very generous discount under their service replacement policy. I was not expecting that at all, as they really have no responsibility for this mishap beyond releasing a phone that they transparently stated had no waterproofing. I asked if trying to service it would void that offer, and they replied as long as I can put it back together the policy stands.  Guess I'll give it a shot, since 1) I have literally nothing to lose, and 2) some photos of the innards may prove useful to somebody. Unfortunately, I am an extremely essential employee, but I'm hoping to work fewer than 75 hours this week...
    • not well I didn't apply it quite straight which caused the corners to start peeling off so going to apply the second one hopefully straight! 😄
    • Something was broken for early adopters of that OTA, it was fixed later on. I'm one of the unlucky few to run the broken one. Good to know it runs on yours then. Hope they push a new OTA soon.
    • Odd, I've downloaded and executed the app just fine. I'm running stock Android and the last OTA I got was the one that fixed the keyboard, nothing else.
    • I'm just trying out a few browsers and right now I have my eyes set on Bromite. Since the source code is available I'm thinking one should be able to customise it to optimise landscape usage on Pro1.
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