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    • Update to January 26, with January 5 security patch using OTA went smoothly. Known keyboard bug still there (see lineage thread) (The stage after download and install called "Finalising package installation" is surprising slow though - like it is on LineageOS)
    • If I place a script named e.g. "99hwoverlays" with the following code #!/system/bin/sh # # Set "Disable WH Overlays" developer option at startup # bash -c "service call SurfaceFlinger 1008 i32 1" & into /data/local/userinit.d/, the "Disable HW Overlay" option gets set automatically after boot. Remember to make the script executable (chmod +x). Also note that user startup scripts in /data/local/userinit.d/ are no longer executed by default in modern LineageOS, you have to install some helper app like RunUserinit from F-Droid.
    • I understand that this is subjective, but not in my case. I observe scrolling lists jerkily in all applications, system and user, browser settings, gallery, etc. Do not think that I am picky. Maybe I'll record a video a later time. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my phone is an engineering sample, one of the first, although I very much doubt it. The processor and gpu are the same as the serial sample (sd835).
    • It's always difficult to discuss topics that are somewhat subjective ... It would probably be good if you could provide a specific and (hopefully) reproducible example of an app that does not scroll smoothly for you. I can scroll smoothly (as far as my expectations go) when browsing through a thread in QKSMS, when scrolling down a web page in Firefox, when displaying a thumbnail gallery in the default Lineage picture app, when displaying folder contents in MaterialFiles, and when browsing through a lengthy program in Acode.
    • Yes, I have a root. I was looking for a way to automatically turn it on, but everything I tried had no result. Do I understand correctly that you have no problems with the animation? I have a very visible slowdown when scrolling through lists in all places without activating this feature.  Upd.  From your link I found a script for magisk. I'm going to try it out
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