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    • Update to December 8, with November 5 security patch using OTA went smoothly. Known keyboard bug still there (see lineage thread) (The stage after download and install called "Finalising package installation" is surprising slow though - like it is on LineageOS)
    • I have used Light Manager on stock Android where it worked fine. However, it does not work under LineageOS 18 and I don't really like some of the default colours of LED  notification (my custom colours are coming from my N900 setup). Recently, I have found a surprise. There is an option under Settings / Applications and notifications / Notifications / Special / Notification light (sorry, these names are not exact names) where there are some related settings. At upper-right corner, there is an "Add" button, where an Application can be selected. The selected application will be displayed at the bottom of the setting page and specific colour, duration and blinking speed can be selected (per application). Also there is an option to allow notification LED to work when the display is on. I like this setting is exists, however, I miss combined notifications (only the very last notification is displayed), a setting of battery level/charging-related settings (also, including "charged" green colour, they are over the real notifications) and a restrict list of disallowed applications (or to discard applications not selected). In this relation Light Manager was much better.   Another thing what I did not like is I have often disabled WiFi, Bluetooh, Mobile data, Automatic rotation and such things when I was holding my phone in hand in locked state and somehow its screen was turned on. (...and noticed later in car it could not connect to handsfree or unnecessarily used mobile data at home or no internet /thus, notifications/ on the road or I did not know why it does not want to rotate the screen...) Now I could solve it using Tasker and Secure Settings plugin using Display Unlocked and Display Off events. Unfortunately, it needs root access and uses "settings put secure sysgui_qs_tiles" following the enabled tiles names. I only left Flaslhight and Reading mode available in locked state, however, I haven't use the latter yet. 🙂 So I like I could finally hide tiles which are not good to be left to available in locked state.
    • See how 'easy' things are, even for this minor fruit company, according to nikkei here. Surprised that some seems to expect that it is super easy for a huge player like FxTec to get parts as they need them, just they try a little harder....
    • I did: "might". You also used italics.   I'm not upset, just trying to make a point and hoping that maybe they'll change the wrongs for which there are no valid excuses.  I own several small companies, but one of them is the main backbone. One of my main employees left, you can say without notice, although in reality it was about keeping her word as agreed. In the past + one month I was practically doing also her job while teaching new staff and doing my part. There are some costs, less personal life and related, but if there is interest from management, it's doable. We're talking about more than two years, not smth that just happened yesterday, unexpected.   Some things/procedures can be observed and fixed just by reading the forum. It's not a problem for you that you suggest to ping someone from the management, when the same management can read ALL the messages posted in a week in less time than needed to light and finish a smoke?!?    Update and no so update: FxTec support told me that they'll receive a shippment of displays at the end of November and that they'll contact me. Nothing so far, but December is still young. Meanwhile, I just received my Aliexpress Elephone U Pro display, ordered in the same time with the support ticket. 7 days from China and the rest at the mortal postal office in my country. I hope that an adjustable lidl heatgun will do the trick, because It didn't work just by trying to pry apart the screen and I didn't want to force it. I've read that someone used a hair dryer to dismantle the diplay from the frame.   
    • Hi guys. Does anybody have a clue, how to contact someone of the team directly? If yes, please send me a PM. I ve sent my phone for warranty back in April 2021 and still didn´get it back.. I am thinking what else can I do to get some informations out of their silence. It frustrates me really a lot.
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