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    • I see. That sounds like an improvement that'd occur in the further future though. When it does happen though, I'd probably set both slanted arrow keys to AltGr and set Sym to Fn, rather than just modify the right slanted arrow, for sake of consistency. For now I've been looking at what I can do to make things work better in the short-term, as this is my only phone actually. It appears a quick swap of DEFINEs in the driver and a custom recompilation won't be possible, as while I have found the DEFINE for the slanted arrow keys (one define though, so my first impression is that they're physically on the same GPIO line) I haven't found such a DEFINE for the Sym key, leading me to suspect that the Sym key is handled by the key controller. So that doesn't appear to be an achievable goal and the only proper way to swap the key's effects would be to implement the improvement as described by the ticket. Another option I'm considering for now, is to make Sym sticky. That might be doable with considerably less effort and thus would be available on a shorter term. Not as convenient as using the slanted arrow keys, but it beats holding the key down and using the touchscreen for a special character. (Which, BTW, is actually a very welcome improvement over testbuild 2 where this wasn't possible at all).
    • tdm has said he plans to make the gpio keys configurable.    When that happens, you could make the right slantarrow into another right-alt, which will help with non-english layouts. https://github.com/tdm/android_device_fxtec_pro1/issues/36  
    • Sure.  If you are offering lol.
    • Alright, so I have testbuild 11 flashed, and it appears to be working well. I've followed the instructions for an update, so my recovery image remains unchanged at from testbuild 2. Do I want to upgrade this or have there been no changes to the recovery image? It's great to see all the improvements and fixes that build 11 comes with, especially the orientation switch on the keyboard slideout makes the phone feel so much faster, though there are many more welcome changes. Regarding the keyboard I've been able to try out some initial things. There appears to indeed be a default Polish keyboard layout in LOS itself, which does work as expected with the Sym key acting like PC's AltGr key. This way all Polish characters are technically typable. It is however not very practical though, as I feared already. Since the Sym key is only present on the left of the keyboard, it makes over half the special keys very tedious to type. Polish has special characters on E, O, A, S, L, Z, X, C and N. To press both Sym and E, A, S, Z, X or C is pretty much impossible unless I'm resorting to some finger acrobatics. Now, if I understand correctly, we can make custom mappings at driver level for any FN + character combination. This would mean I can have all the Polish special characters show up when using the Slanted arrows. [Edit: Actually, I can't do this. There are obviously no DEFINEs in the kernel for the special characters, only for characters commonly found on keyboards physically.] There is one conflict though; the L key. If I remap FN+L to be ł (or Ł if combined with Shift) [Edit: Yeah so this isn't actually possible I think], I'm losing the / key. So I thought, alright well, in order not to lose any keys maybe the easiest solution would be to swap the functionality of the slanted arrows and the Sym key. That way all the yellow printed on the characters would be addressable at least via Sym (also via Shift for most), and it'd make the special characters that are used more often during regular conversation accessible via both the slanted arrows on either side of the keyboard. This however, does not appear to be possible with the current driver from what I see. Am I seeing this right? Does this mean I have to effectively modify the driver source code to swap these round and compile my own LOS image? Whilst I can do that, it does make things quite unmaintainable, especially once this all ends up in LOS official as for every update I'd need to pull in changes, merge them with the custom driver, and recompile an image. I do understand the motivation for the changes as they've happened since build 2 / stock image, and the consistency with PC keyboards and allowing LOS default layouts to work makes sense from a theoretical point of view, but with the physical Sym key being only accessible on one side of the keyboard (and being non-sticky), it does result in a very real practical issue for probably most keyboard layouts that actually do make use of the AltGr modifier. I'd argue it's less of an inconvenience to use either the Sym or FxTec-logo key for the yellow keys, as all yellow keys on the left side of the keyboard can also be inputted via Shift anyway. What can I currently do to make this work a little better? Are there easier ways than recompiling the image, to swap the slanted arrows and the Sym key? Can I make the Sym key sticky perhaps? It'd still result in slower combination input than using the slanted arrows, but at least it'd be usable. Or maybe I can change the behaviour of just the right slanted arrrow key at least, somehow? I'm willing to work on several different layers of customisation, driver level or keyboard mapping or whatever, but ideally I'd be looking for something that lets me use the slanted arrows as AltGr and something else (Sym or FxTec logo) for the yellow printed keys, and something maintainable for future releases.
    • I have received mine via FedEx but it was passed to a local courier here (Hungary) but definitively not came through Hungarian Post. However, I don't know if anything has changed since it was before the COVID situation.
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