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    • I contacted them about a month ago. I still have no answer, but that could also be my fault, as last week my inbox was full. Now I'm very unsure about what to do. If they answered right during that time, then a follow-up mail asking them to resend theirs would be a good thing. If they didn't, then said mail would just send me back to the end of the queue, which in that case seems to be very long.
    • From what I can google  VoLTE uses SIP, so if VoLTE is working with your carrier so is SIP. But obviously SIP might work even if VoLTE does not.
    • I trying to understand how this works.    My intention is to merge the  LinageOS stock Key Character map with the  pro1_qwerty_swe_1.kcm from finqwerty.    the stock map file has type ALPHA  while finqwerty has type OVERLAY, what does this mean?   Do I need to merge the two files together, meaning replace the entries in the stock file with those from finqwerty? Or can I load the two files after each other? Do I need to edit anything in the key layout file?   finqwerty also has the following entries: # orig FORWARD_DEL map key 111 PLUS # orig EQUALS map key 13 FORWARD_DEL # orig BACK map key 158 ESCAPE  shouldn't I add these to the layout file instead?    I tried yesterday to merge the files, but then the edited /data/system/devices/keychars/Vendor_181d_Product_5018.kcm wasn't loaded.    attached the untouched stock keymap,  untouched finqwerty key map and two edited.    the one ending with kcm_merged is the file I did yesterday that wont load.  the one ending with p.kcm  has letter 'A' replaced with 'p', this one loads just fine, and writes a "p" when I try ti write a capital "A"   pro1_qwerty_swe_1.kcm Vendor_181d_Product_5018.kcm Vendor_181d_Product_5018_p.kcm Vendor_181d_Product_5018.kcm_merged
    • Thanks a lot! Yes, I read the new changelog and I won´t update my system 🙂
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