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  1. Unable to lock bootloader

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    • If there were no other typing friendly alternatives whatsoever, like the cheap Titan Slim or one of the expensive new folders if must be, Fairphone would definitely be where I'd go. Five years warranty and software updates alone would be a strong reason to support them... For an older phone, they even did their security updates themselves after the chip manufacturer stopped delivering them. 
    • I but a flip case on mine, and that practically eliminates the issue, as you are then unlikely to accidentally trigger it. We have a terrible long thread on (mainly DIY) cases, but long-story-short, it requires either a 3D-printed case or some tinkering with existing cases. I have my own blah blah on the cases I made, and have been using for five years here.
    • Let me repeat my reply to about the same post on IGG yesterday: Uh that was a bad experience!! On the broken seal they did a long while back say that they opened boxes to check battery, why they were not re-sealed I have no idea, others have reported the same. And the bloated battery is most likely the cause of your broken device. I guess no one opened and re-checked devices before this wave was rolled out, Contact them at [email protected] I’m not sure they read comments in here.
    • So far I have only had it working for about a day.  I haven't done much with Sailfish other than some tinkering around in the terminal.  It runs smoothly and once you perform some of the tweaks (mentioned in the first post) it feels like it was very much designed for a device like the Pro1-X.  I haven't attempted to run waydroid yet but when I do I'll update how successful (or not) that attempt is.  The Pro1-X is not going to be my daily driver.  I intend to use it as a small personal laptop (browsing, email, media consumption etc.) rather than a phone.
    • You might find this post interesting as it is the only close up I can recall of the main antenna board, which has the USB-C port attached.  
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