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    • Sounds like a hardware issue...😥 First go to Settings►System, Languages►Physical keyboard►Physical keyboard►Set up keyboard layouts, and de-select ANY selected. OR if you are using FinQWERTY you could also just select "FinQWERTY None (stock)" If QWERTZ ignore that the print is now wrong, we want to test hardware keys(!) Then try the factory test described here it is number seven on the list. Please note that the Esc-key has changed in later OTAs compared to this test , so not lighting up does not mean it is broken, if you got a keyboard layout selected other keys might not light up either. (Here with my explanations added from later in the thread) On the other tests, be aware that one of the tests (No 3 after GPS) makes an emergency call with no warning, as mentioned in the thread. ...Finally go back and select your layout as before  
    • I got this phone since a week now, but don't remember if all of the keys are working good at the beginning, but the ENTER and Del keys are used more often than others and I realize this yesterday. In my set up layouts, none of them has been selected...  I can try to select one of them to see what happen!?!?!  It was Default so I tied English US but no difference..   In red are the keys not working...  
    • Yeah, these posts always confuse me.  If TWRP is so important, maybe research what you're buying?  Or better yet, use a root back up. Weird
    • Is it like this from the start or did it start after working before? Try to go to settings->system->input and languages->physical keyboard->set up layouts and unselect all of them. Did you change the software keyboard app?
    • Really got problem.  Some keys in right of the keyboard not working. Here all the keys; -_ , =+,  Del and worst of it ENTER!!!
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