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    • The problems with the camera, torch, volume buttons and media player seems solved after a new update. Thanks guys ūüėČ
    • If not for the fxtec forum, you might not have bought a Unihertz phone. The forum works in mysterious ways. ūüôā
    • Yes, you could say that. Then again, I can't remember there having been an actual¬†forum administration worth mentioning except the users who've been¬†moderators. If you even reach someone through the support email for once, that someone¬†may not even have¬†access to the forum.¬†And given how badly the company's¬†smartphone production and shipments and overall communications and service operations have been going over time,¬†and,¬†most significantly, lately, personally I'm glad that this¬†forum even still exists. I¬†wouldn't expect any actual person to do any actual work on this¬†forum any time soon.
    • Of course, if i am able to create an account on my own,¬† i should also be able to delete it on my own. I should never have to ask someone else to delete it. But now it is close to two weeks from asking to delete it. Really shameful.
    • Just so you know, this would only result in having the post hidden or you banned, which does not actually delete your account, which we have no means of doing.¬† I don't say this with any intended animosity, just informing you that the suggested behavior won't get what you actually want, which I agree there should be a simple means of doing.
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