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    • This looks ideal to me, hopefully the num keys arent too hard to reach. l had a friend print this for me is shipping it. Will report back with how it is 🙂
    • Sorry I haven't hung out here much but when you have a phone that purrs like a kitten all the time... Had a great birthday on Saturday, My hubby made me this cake from scratch. (fabulous pics from the Pro1) Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.
    • I Had the little green bar pop up on mine after installing the Lineage OS 18 update. I thought it may have been a battery life indicator but i could be wrong. It went away when i flashed another rom onto it.
    • Alright thanks. I read a lot of what you had to say on that forum. I called T-Mobile and the guy recommended that i get the cheapest $20 plan, and get a $30 month for a hot spot. Gonna have to think about that. Great concept, but IDK. He was also really intrigued by my phone (everyone has when i call and tell them about it and have the check it out).
    • QWERTY in the UK ending tomorrow 26/JAN/2021 @ 1623 GMT https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/F-x-tec-Pro1-Pro-1-QX1000-QWERTY-keyboard-smartphone/114639000304 Just for the sake of transparency, this phone was bought for 661GBP and has a reserve 100GBP less (551GBP) which I do not think it unreasonable for a phone that it only a few months old with a bit of wear detailed in the advert.
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