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    • yes, i am also interested if there is some type of high quality glue that maybe, some repair technicians can recommend?  and tips are greatly appreciated,, since there was one guy who explicitly stated there is no need for a heat gun , and now he's saying he definitely needed a heat gun.   am very interested since i have to change my cracked screen... its not so bad,, maybe waiting until its fully cracked lol.😁
    • Well I imagine, that it MIGHT be possible to fix with some rod and cogwheels in the keyboard part synchronising the two sides. Obviously the technically super simple mechanism of the Pro1 has this coupling by design by the support being a plate and not two individual arms. (Actually the mechanism of the Pro1 though very simple in principle once you got the idea, is a bit harder to do with the correct ratios if you try to do the math, it was a bit of a puzzle when II tried to make a program to create the principal gif here)
    • Thank you for the video. The hinge seems extremely fragile and the sliders seem to tilt very easily (since they can't be forced to stay parallel). Looks quite painful to watch, honestly... I wouldn't expect a manufacturer to sell a device with such a mechanism so that's why I expect a lot more delays before they actually produce it. On the other hand we had bending and exploding phones before, so why not one that breaks in half? (seriously, I imagine this being open while falling asleep (happens a lot with my Pro1) and accidentally laying on top of it. I couldn't imagine that the hinge would hold up to that while the Pro 1 would just 'close'.
    • Well we have seen the mechanism. As I described here the inventor himself struggles with it in their own presentation video (from 01:00 to 01:20 here). But obviously they might have improved that since, but we are to see that first....
    • I really don't expect that they manage shipping at march 2021, they have had delays with other devices as well. Also, I do not feel well with that hinge and we haven't seen an actual demonstration (not animation) of the device being opened. FxTec did that WAY before they started producing and demonstrated that they really believed in their device. Those big keys wouldn't be my preference either (depends on how they feel of course).  Hardwarewise it seems to be the better option, especially with that chipset (haven't heard of it yet but it seems to be powerful). But in the end this all will be worthless if the hinge is fragile. I do expect prices dropping for the Fxtec at some point but they would really need to ramp up production to not get a refund-repurchase chaos.
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