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    • Hoping this isn't off-topic here or something that's been dealt with already upthread (and apologies if it is!), I wonder if anybody has any experience with these? - https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07XMDNZ1D?psc=1&smid=AJYN4KFF42CL8&ref_=chk_typ_quicklook_titleToDp   To be fair, I probably should have asked this question before ordering one, in advance of hopefully getting my Pro 1X shortly....!   Thanks in advance!
    • Yes You have true. My phone with qwerty was big surprise for my and I am very happy that They continue on next generation 2 fxtec... So  I am also willing to wait half a year for a guarantee when I know that it will come... Important is the result of a repair and not time ...
    • I'm amazed by their perseverance too. The small group take a lot of beating from angry users, and way too little praise, IMHO I really hope they will continue to both produce PKB phones and support them. If there will not be a successor I hope they will consider crowdfunding extended phone-support as long as possible for the chipset and security update. . I have no idea what a year of support / minor development would cost, but they could come up with a number and see if we are enough that are willing to chip in. As a stretch goal they could offer those that chipped in  some special rate for service beyond warranty e.g. starting from half a year after we paid. Personally I would gladly pay e.g. $50 a year. If it was not only security and critcal fixes, but also more general bugfixes and improvements, I might consider a higher number.
    • I hope they will also continue this work in the future. The hardware is powerful enough also for a longer-term special use, so, for example, if native Linux kernel support would also be available later, that could lift the whole device to a higher level... (it could also give more power for native UBTouch / Mobian / Manjaro / PostmarketOS / etc. that case) I hope they will be able to continue manufacturing till there will be demand for the very same device (so not affected highly with components shortage) and I really hope they have also plans for long-term direction, for example for a Pro2 in a few years...
    • I think the other thing to look at is their perseverance. Given IGG offers no guarantee of delivery, most, given the obstacles they hit, might have thrown up their hands and walked away.  This small group of folks is making sure we get our phones come Hell or high water.  I can't believe they are going to have ended up with massive profits. They are doing this for the love of keyboard phones and they will deliver.  Thank you Chen and the rest!
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