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    • @rlpowell Hi, where are you located? I have similar troubles in Maryland, USA, TMo.
    • Yeah, I think that once the battery goes to sleep, nothing short of taking the phone apart and providing a direct jolt of energy will allow it to charge and supply power.  Something that would be waaay above my pay grade. Maybe you could tie it to a kite and fly it in a thunder storm... 😄  
    • Thanks! I wrote them an email through the support form. Looks like this is happening to quite a few people. And getting ADB to do anything also seems impossible with the battery in its current state, because recovery/fastboot modes won't work.
    • It looks like you've run into the dreaded battery protection issue.  Most Pro1xs are fine when delivered. Even sitting for a year in the warehouse, the batteries should have 30-50% charge (Mine, delivered in early April 2023 had 50% charge), but the battery protection apparently has a flaw they are investigating.  If the battery becomes somehow completely deleted, it enters a sleep state and won't charge.  You should contact FxcTec at [email protected] to open a support ticket. Sorry 😞
    • Hi! I got my Pro1X today, but it refuses to charge or turn on. When I plug in an USB cable, the LED lights up for a second, but then nothing happens. No charging/battery display, the screen stays black, can't turn it on, etc. Is there anything I can do? Thanks!   [EDIT] Things I tried, both with and without a cable connected: -Holding power button down for 60+ seconds -Power button + Vol up and down -While connected to the PC, using Power + Vol down to enable that recovery mode or whatever it's called. Here, the LED lights up for a bit after a while, but nothing else happens.   Nothing so far. 😞
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