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    • you mean classic notification led light? Just search Notification Light in settings 🙂  
    • LOS has always allowed rooting.  I suspect you mean do they still have the simple rooting utility they used to supply for SU.  No to the latter, but Magisk works fine and, if you are mainly just interested in SU authorization like me, Magisk is similarly simple to use.  Simply flash the magisk apk you get from the link below as a zip using adb sideload.  You then open or download  and open the Magisk Manager app and click install. It will offer an automated option... do that and it will do all the boot sector hoop-jumping itself, reboot and bam!, you're done and you never have to open magisk manager again.  You can assign SU to any app that asks for it. https://github.com/topjohnwu/Magisk/releases/    
    • Hiya David I began having some problems with the Pro1: Mic wouldn't work when using as a phone, had to use speaker mode. Also my USB charging port starting wearing out, I had to put a weight on the cable to make the connection, even then it was insecure and prone to stop charging occasionally. Also my minijack port starting misbehaving, (I use that a lot as I'm a sound engineer). So from F(x)tec I bought a new minijack port and their very last USB-C module, which also has the microphone on it. I installed the two new parts and the phone worked great, I could make calls and talk like a pro, I was happy as could be, until I tried to charge it. The USB port on the new part was duff. So I sent it to a PCB and micro soldering company called Electronic Partners. https://uk.electronic.partners/ When it came back the USB-C port was perfect, better than the original... But the mic didn't work (I've had that Pro1 apart so many times now that I fear for the case) I tried calls, nobody could hear me, and I tried the recorder on Lineage... Nothing. I put the old USB-C module back in and viola! The mic worked perfectly but the USB-C port is still duff. - N.B. At this point I figured out that all of the mic problems I was previously experiencing was most likely due to a compacted build up of pocket fluff in the minijack port. I now keep a little bung in the one on my Pro1X to stop that happening again.  As such I have sent them both back to Electronic partners to be repaired ad the old Pro1 sits in a box, sans USB-C port.   Yeah, your WiFi hotspot might be a good shout, though do try without for a couple of weeks first, see how you go.
    • What f(x)tec euphemistically refer to as a "sleep state" means nothing else than that the battery erroneously got depleted to literally 0.0 V, so that there is no energy whatsoever left in it. The "battery protection" system should normally prevent this from happening. Not only is so deep discharging bad for a Li-battery's life expectancy, it also turns out that Android actually always needs enough residual charge left to boot its kernel before re-charging from USB can start.    So, yes, once bitten by the battery depletion bug, there is no other way than to either 1) send the phone back to f(x)tec for charging or 2) open-up the phone and charge the battery yourself with a suitable external PSU. @Hook is right in that the latter is not a trivial operation, but it can be done. I wrote down my experience in another thread, and also others have reportedly been successful in this.
    • Does the LOS firmware still not allow for rooting?  That is what kept me away from it in the past.
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