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    • ....In the second repair video here they take out the battery, at about 3min in, but it is hard to get any details from the images.
    • As we have seen there is 'something' on the battery/end of the cable, I have no idea what that circuitry actually is, but it means the lithium calls are not just directly connected to the board, so what ever it is have to be mimic by a DIY solution we can glimpse it at the FCC image also
    • They don't have the money. File a claim through your bank or credit card company  
    • Not very often, and usually first thing in the morning after it has come off charging (both of those details may or may not be relevant), I sometimes have to hit speakerphone to be heard and then I can immediately turn it off and things are fine again. I mentioned this in my testing somewhere above, but I do still have to do it occasionally. WTF is that doing?  It's like it somehow wakes something up that's needed for the other end to hear me?  It just makes no sense unless, when the microphone for speaker phone is engaged, something is changed with the normal speaking mic.  (If they're the same mic, then it's the amping up that changes things). Lol.  It's like having to turn on your high beams before your low beams will work on your headlights. 😄
    • I've found the following on AliExpress Asus Max Plus M1 Battery Connector | Asus Zenfone 3 Max Zc520kl Board - 1set Fpc - Aliexpress "Number 1" looks to be exactly the same terminal/connector pair? If so, seems to be readily available on a number of phones - the flex cable is going to be next to look into I guess?
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