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    • You have ordered your phone preloaded with UbuntuTouch, which is not identical to the Ubuntu distribution for the PC. UbuntuTouch is based on Android in large parts. It does not use systemd as process 1, and probably won't anytime soon. The choice of (native) Apps is more limited in UbuntuTouch compared to Android. But as you describe your (quite basic) requirements, UbuntuTouch will probably provide everythig you need. If you insist on Devuan for philosophical reasons: it runs nicely in one of the various chroot/proot solutions for Android/LineageOS. I have it in a (rooted) Chroot on my Pro1, and found it to be quite well-suited for the purpose of providing a "real" computing environment on the phone (yes, especially as it does not rely on systemd). The advantage of the Chroot approach is that you have access to the entire Android App ecosystem in addition to your full GNU/Linux environment.
    • Ah had not noticed that, thanks.
    • Well, I only asked because the Windows 10 logo is shown on the product info for OS that are coming......
    • As I said in another thread, I'm a bit more optimistic than this.  I will be surprised if they hit March, but I don't expect anything on the scale of 6 months to a year unless there is another global shutdown.  I do think 2021 is different from 2020. Of course, I have no particular facts to base this projection on,
    • To get is now maybe. I seriously doubt the Xs will start shipping for at least another 6 months. If you order it now you most certainly won't get it for another year I reckon. They have some serious backlog to go through. I'm not saying you should not order it. You should go, go, go order it. Just be ready for a long wait. Or get a used one now and bite the premium.
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